1. I feel very sorry for Erin! They’re being so mean to her!

    And finally, we get to see her ruining Pam’s painting.

  2. Poor Erin! What a sweetheart, and these people are sooo mean to her! :(

    Michael: What do you mean by these people Cori???

  3. Ahaha!! I actually loved this – except for Pam’s painting. But I kind of love how everyone in the office gets all possessive about Pam. She’s endured so much harassment from them, it’s nice to see them sticking up for her, even at the expense of poor sweet Erin. :D

  4. why are they so mean to poor erin? so unfair, she’s the cutest thing haha. aw pam’s painting =( it was always a symbol of hope on the show. r.i.p. pam’s painting.

  5. erin is adorable, but no, i love that painting! it reminds me that michael can be really sweet sometimes.

  6. i’m glad that it didn’t stay in. it just kind of made me sad. poor erin! toby snapping at erin was TOTALLY out of character. and i really didn’t like seeing the painting getting messed up… it really symbolizes pam’s new confidence in season 3.

  7. Poor Erin :( I love it though :)

    When they first introduced her character, she was so ‘nice’ and I was concerned that it would be too sweet and perfect and artificial.

    I love that they have gone the other way… to the extreme!

  8. Aaaah! Can someone explain what happened in this clip? I live out of the country so NBC doesn’t let me view the deleted scenes! I want to know what she did to Pam’s painting with “two suns in the Andromeda galaxy!”

  9. Yeah, why was Toby yelling at Erin? I don’t really get that. Unless he’s still into Pam and he’s upset that Erin is the receptionist now. I don’t know.

  10. So, I wonder whether the ruined painting will be addressed in future episodes, or if it will go back to normal. I’ve always thought of things that happen in deleted scenes as not really happening, since they didn’t make it into the official aired version. I hope that makes sense. Any thoughts?

    [from tanster: do deleted scenes count?]

  11. They are so mean to Erin. I feel so sorry for her! I think Pam and Erin should be good friends! Since this didn’t make it in the episode will the painting be ruined from now on? Hm.

  12. #10 & #13: I agree! I feel like that painting represented SO much. I mean, come on, wasn’t that moment with Pam and Michael in Business School one of the best Office moments of all time?!

    Even so, I wish this had stayed in. Erin stuff is funny.

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