1. Okay, I love that third deleted scene – lol. ‘You can’t fire us anymore.’ Makes me really want to make some yummy juice pops…

  2. Oh how that fourth one makes me smile. There is something about a pranking Jim Halpert that makes my heart flutter!

  3. LOVE the 4th one! Can’t wait until old school Jim is back for a full epi. Oh, and whose phone was that???

  4. @ Ginger, that was more than likely Dwight’s phone. awww i’m so happy to see Jim back to his pranking days. i’m glad that even though he’s married and is a father to be he still has his pranking side. :].

  5. In my opinion, the 4th deleted scene should’ve been the tag. That was too awesome to be deleted!

    Call your friends and family! Tell your neighbors! Send out emails! Write a text! Get on whatever social networking site you fancy and alert the world that Prankster Jim is back! :-)

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