1. “they love a good crotch”


    i love michael messing up jim’s hair (yay for messy hair again!), and what was with kelly kissing jim? hope pam doesn’t go all “crazy hormonal pregnant woman” on her…

  2. “They love a good crotch?” This episode definitely looks promising. Dogs make everything better, too! :)

  3. So…is Kelly kissing Jim because he’s staying on as manager or because he’s being demoted? Hurry up Thursday!

    Andy + Kathy Bates + dogs…lol.

  4. I don’t think that’s Jim, I think that’s either Andy or the guy from Sabre (whose name I can’t remember right now lol).

  5. I thought Kelly was kissing Andy… maybe I’m stupid. Also, I can’t stop laughing when I see Andy and the dogs.

  6. Andy sure is having a lot of issues with his crotch this year, first landing on the car keys, and now 2 dogs are getting “all up in his business”!

  7. After some back-of-head and sports coat analysis, I’m 99% sure that Andy is the father … I mean I’m sure that Kelly is kissing Andy.

    And wow, that scene with the Dalmatians made me a little nauseous.

  8. really? crotch jokes? come on office do better. but yeah that is def Andy. and I love that Michael is messing up JIm’s hair!

  9. Yeah, I can see now that it’s definitely not Jim…but thanks, 2-FlonkertonChamp, for being wrong with me!

  10. I think it’s Andy she’s kissing. Def. I’d put money on it.

    and side note: 30 Rock def spelled “Jon Bon Jovi” “John Bon Jovi”

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