Matt’s Comic-Con press room pics

Here is Matt Collins’ report on The Office press room at Comic-Con.

While Tan-Monster verbally juiced Mike Schur, Jen Celotta, Greg Daniels, and the rest of the “Office” gaggle, I decide to document for Tallyheads what it’s like to be in the press room. So, donning my 007 pants, I snapped shots of everything going on.

To get specific, the room is truly not that big — maybe 25’ x 25’ with one wall dedicated to TV interviews. Rainn and Mindy worked Entertainment Tonight and TV Guide, while other reporters grabbed comments from the writers at, what looked like, middle school lunch tables.

It was all very casual — everyone had done what they were doing before, so the process felt very relaxed. The TV camera crews brought lights that worked to my advantage because they lit my pictures really well. Look how angelic Mike, Jen, and Tanster look! Heck, Greg Daniels looks like he’s shining down from heaven above!

After an hour, Tanster and I found ourselves in the press room with a very small number of people: some PR peeps from NBC, an interview crew gathering generic video footage and interviews, Rainn’s publicist, and Rainn himself.

This is when that classic PhoneSaber video took place. In fact, in the video you can see just how bare the room is then.

Greg wandered in just as Tanster finished impaling Rainn for the final time, we chatted with him for a while, and then our brains stopped working. It was exhausting but amazing.

Even if you don’t get to be in the press room, being at Comic-Con is a fabulous experience. Up close with TV’s most talented writers and one of its funniest stars — who could ask for much more?

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