1. I would make a lame joke about Pam’s mom looking like she’s had work done but I’m instead opting for the lame joke that I won’t comment on her altered appearance cos I’m treating this post, like I treat all posts, like Pam’s mom is reading.

  2. hmm…she kind of looks like Jan. but we’ll try and hold off on judgement until we see her as Mrs. Beesley…or newly separated/divorced and single

  3. That’s weird that they would say they wanted to make it seem like average Joes, but they replaced Pam’s mom. Say what? I wish they would have kept the first actress. Plus the new mom does look like Jan.

  4. Yes, she does bare a striking resemblance to Jan, hope Michael doesn’t make a play for her. But also, that article lists Linda Purl’s main credit as being on Matlock, but I guess I’m showing my age when I say I remember her from a pretty long stint on Happy Days.

  5. sheesh, why is ausiello in such a snit about a relatively unknown actress being cast? he’s got a ‘tude like she beat HIM for the role.

  6. I remember her from Happy Days too. She was the girl Fonzie really fell in love with and (?) wanted to marry (I think). (Her character had a daughter?)

  7. @4. FEAR
    The actress who played Pam’s 1.0 mom had a commitment, so they had to find someone else. I kind of like Linda Purl as 2.0! But we’ll see — as long as she’s nice to Pam. :-)

  8. I, too, was hoping they’d be able to keep the original actress who played Pam’s mom a few seasons ago. I don’t like when they switch up like this. Almost like it’s disrepectful to the fans. But I understand if the original actress had other commitments. As for Linda Purl, I recognized her name right away – showing my age too, as others have said! I remember her popping up regularly on TV shows in the 80s and 90s. Nice to see an actress who isn’t Botox’d beyond recognition too. She’s got a few wrinkles but still looks great!

  9. Since they couldn’t get the original Mrs. Beesley I think she is a good choice. I’m curious if they will make her a red head like she used to be. Not a big deal since some women change their hair color all the time.

  10. Holy crap. I love The Office as much as anyone, but we’re talking about an actress that very, very briefly appeared in season two. The recasting is not the end of the world. Besides, our attention will be on Jim and Pam anyway, right?

  11. i am over the recast, what else were they supposed to do? i am pumped about linda purl, i love her.

  12. I’m sure the new actress will be fine, and I know the original Mrs. B only appeared briefly in Season 2, but I’m still very disappointed. To not get the original actress back is just not expected of the brilliant and meticulous Office crew that I’ve grown to love.

    Greg, things have been great for five glorious seasons. Don’t get sloppy now!

  13. Hmm… I wish they could have cast Pam’s original mom. It doesn’t seem right for Pam to suddenly have a new mom after the parts where she talks about how she much she loves her mom in season 2. But I mean, I understand that the actress who played her originally (very briefly) has other commitments, it’s just a little disappointing.

  14. this article writer is so rude. geez. i’m glad with the choice they made. i really like how bj novak said they have a rule to only cast “average Joes”. that’s really what i love about the office. and plus, we won’t really be that focused on the mother, anyway. i mean, they’re getting married for god’s sake.

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