Melora Hardin ‘Chicago’ Ticket Giveaway

Melora Hardin Chicago

UPDATE 12/30: congratulations to GRAND PRIZE WINNER ctl5 (120) and RUNNERS-UP Hannah (64), MaddieMagnus (66), Callan (2), Sarah (6), and absolutely i do (8)! Please check your email for further instructions. :)

Here’s your chance to win tickets to watch The Office’s Melora Hardin perform in the hit Broadway musical Chicago!

“Hey there everyone at OfficeTally! I’m so excited to play Roxie Hart and also so happy that two lucky Office fans will get free tickets through OfficeTally. Good luck and definitely meet me at the stage door after the show and bring your favorite pics for me to sign! Look forward to seeing you there!” — Melora/Roxie

Sound awesome? Read on.


Describe your favorite Jan Levenson moment in ‘The Office.’


  • Submit your entry by adding a comment to this post.
  • One entry per person. If you post multiple entries, you will be disqualified.
  • Provide a valid email address.
  • You must live in the NYC area or be able to travel on your own to NYC to see the performance of CHICAGO. Transportation not provided.
  • Tickets are for select performances in January only.
  • Rules and deadlines subject to change without notice.


  • Grand Prize: A pair of tickets to see Melora Hardin in Chicago on Broadway and an exclusive CHICAGO prize package.
  • 5 Runners-up: CHICAGO CD/DVD box set.

Deadline to submit your entry

Submit your entry by Saturday, December 27, 11pm PT.

Winners will be randomly selected and announced on Monday, December 29th!

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  1. I loved watching Jan give into her self-destructive tendencies. Her downfall was summed up perfectly in this brilliantly delivered line: “Downside? I date Michael Scott publicly and collapse in on myself like a dying star.” Just classic!

  2. My favorite Jan moment has to be at the Dinner Party, when Jan puts in Hunter’s CD and begins to sing and sway to it. Not only is the look on her face truly orgasmic, but the emotion that she puts into “That One Night” is just pragmatic and seen in the looks on the rest of the party guest’s faces. No wonder Jim resisted a dance with the infamous Jan Levinson Gould (no Gould :) )

  3. Jan’s talking head in Cocktails pretty much summed up her whole existence.. The fake boobs were a close runner up but this actually made me laugh out loud..
    “I am taking a calculated risk. What’s the upside? I overcome my nausea, fall deeply in love, babies, normalcy, no more self-loathing. Downside, I date Michael Scott publicly and collapse into myself like a dying star.”

  4. My favorite Jan moment was during the Dinner Party when Jan was giving the tour of Michael’s home to Jim and Pam, specifically when they were in the bedroom (e.g. Tripod with camcorder, and “Michael’s Bed”)

  5. My favorite Jan moment might be all the way back in season 2– at the business meeting at Chili’s (the new golf course), her constant exasperated looks as a result of Michael’s inanity and then her final giving in (thanks to alcohol, of course!) captures Jan in true form!

  6. My favorite Jan moment of all time is when gives into the dark side: “Why is this so hard…That’s what she said. Oh my God, what am I saying?” -Cocktails. This is when I think Jan truly went crazy, but we wouldn’t have her any other way.

  7. By far my favorite Jan moment (one of my favorite Office moments ever) is the dancing to “That One Night” in Dinner Party. I watched that one scene over and over again.

  8. This moment is my favorite:

    Jan: [on speakerphone] Michael, …
    Michael: Huh?
    Jan: …come over after work tonight, OK? I miss your body.
    Michael: I don’t know. I feel… I drive a lot. I’m spending a fortune on gas and tolls –
    Jan: I’ll give you $200. And if I get up before you, I’ll leave it on the dresser.
    Michael: Um, that… I don’t know. That makes me kind of uncomfortable.
    Jan: $300?
    Michael: I… uh, well, I don’t know.
    Jan: You know whatever. Just let my assistant know if you’re coming over so he can get more vodka, OK? Hunter, are you on?
    Hunter: [on speakerphone] You got it, Jan.

  9. Woo, Go Chicago! Awesome possum.

    Favourite Jan Moment? When her and Michael are sitting on the train (from the episode “Money”) and there was a beautiful shot of the train cars extending into the distance and just Jan and Michael’s feet cut off at the shins, and she was swinging her feet like a little kid normally would… I think that, even though it was shot masterfully, was my favourite Jan and Michael moment, it was very very humanizing…. and awesome cinematography.

  10. My favorite Jan moment was in “Valentines Day” when she kissed Michael, but didn’t see the camera’s until afterwards.

  11. Best Jan moment when Michael realizes how bad it is going to be when Jan says she can move into his condo, and wait for him to come home at 5:05 in stretch pants.

  12. My all time favorite Jan moment was from the Dinner Party. When she first put on Hunter’s song and began swaying and dancing. Then when she grabbed Jim’s hand, but he did not stand up so she went with it and twirled herself anyway. For me that was the instant when I knew Jan was in a definite downward spiral. In the episodes before you knew something was off, but in that moment I just knew she was totally gone…mentally…perhaps forever?

  13. Wow, there are so many great Jan moments. To just name one, I’d have to say when she says to Michael, “Please don’t smell me, Michael.” I love how she was forced to treat him like a child.

  14. My favorite moment is the car ride home from Jan being fired from corporate. Watching the look in Michael’s eyes as she goes on about staying at home and wearing sweatpants…

  15. I love the panicked look on Jan’s face whenever she explains to the cameramen her dating predicaments. She’s like a mischievous little kid who knows what they’re about to do will really piss of their parents. She just can’t control herself when it comes to Michael, which would actually be adorable if it weren’t for her psychopathic tendencies. My favorite of these moments accompanies the line “date michael scott publicly and collapse in on myself like a dying star”. So perfect.

  16. My favorite Jan moment is definitely from ‘The Client’. When Michael and the client begin to sing the baby back ribs song, and Jan is staring daggers at him, but she can’t do anything because the client is having so much fun. So she just sits and stares and drinks (a lot), and the way Melora plays it is hilarious.

  17. My favorite Jan moment happened in Casino Night: Jan goes to her car, looks at the over-night bag she had packed to stay overnight (most likely at Michale’s ) and just looks at the camera defeated

  18. My favorite Jan moment had to be at the end of Dinner Party when you see her futility trying to put that poor little Dundie back together. I loved that after she was crazy and so mean to Michael, she still wanted to do that for him.

  19. In “The Client”, when she and Michael are on the phone, and you don’t hear what she says, but Michael says, “You want us to see other people? Only other people?” I love imagining the panic on her face and in her voice when she realizes the can of worms that she’s opened up.

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