1. I’m still not sure if I like Megan Mullally as a talk show host or not, but if she keeps bringing us interviews I guess I’m ok. Will Melora be on because of her Jan character or does she have another reason to be on, like her singing?

  2. I agree, Post-it Thief. Megan is a bit weird as a host, and often sounds like shes making up questions as she goes…but I love that she’s had so many of our Office folks on, so I shouldn’t complain.

  3. I disagree with random person, Melora Hardin does an incredible job as Jan. In fact, one of my favorite aspects of season three is the way the writers have managed to include her more often.

  4. I happen to like Melora and I like the Jan character, but I might be a bit biased since I think she’s a milf.

  5. Melora Hardin does a good job but her Jan character is best used sparingly like every few episodes, definitely not weekly.

    Anyhow, thanks for the headsup, I’ll try to see it.

  6. She’s good in small doses, i agree, but she’s going to have a pretty big part in this week’s episode i’m pretty sure. At least according to what i’ve heard lately.

  7. Melora Hardin is beautiful, and she is amazing as Jan. I have missed her character recently. I’m glad she will be such a big part of the next episode. I think that the most amazing part about her though is her singing voice…if you haven’t heard her sing before, just watch the movie, The Rocketeer, or check out her website…there are four free downloadable songs.

  8. Damnit! I missed it. Something’s wrong with Direct TV. Usually they give you info on up coming shows, whos going to be on ect and it wasnt showing up.
    I love Melora…I love her music. She’s got an amazing voice and shes a great actress.
    Gah, I hope its on YouTube soon.

  9. I love Melora! She’s so much sweeter than Jan, haha. But I love Jan because she’s such an intimidating business woman…she’s great.

  10. I love Jan this season. And she looks wonderful! When she first walked onscreen in Gay Witch Hunt, I literally said “Wow!”

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