Method to ‘The Office’ Madness talks to The Office cast about the casting process, the success of the show, and what it’s like to spend 60 hours a week on set together.

An excerpt:

Fischer: A good example of improv that paid off was in our episode “The Gay Witch Hunt” [Season 3, Episode 1]. That kiss between Oscar and Steve [Carell] was not scripted. And all of our reactions are the real reactions. It speaks so much to Oscar’s professionalism that he did not break.

Nunez: I do not break. You can write that down. He wasn’t supposed to kiss me. We did it a couple of times, and he wasn’t kissing me. And then that once, I see his lips coming closer and closer; I’m like, “Dear God, he’s going to kiss me.” And sure enough, he planted one on my face.

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