Who could star in ‘The Michael Phelps Story’? Hmm.

Have you seen the stories this week about John Krasinski being the perfect guy to star in the inevitable biopic, ‘The Michael Phelps Story’? You can even vote for John here.

I’m surprised no one has come up with what this could look like.

Enter the Matt Collins Magic Morphing Machine.

John Krasinski Michael Phelps

Here’s the original Michael Phelps Sports Illustrated cover.

Don’t say I never did anything for you squeegirls. ;)

Oh, and we would be remiss if we didn’t include a lolcat version. One more on page 2.


  1. The others options in the poll are (and look) too old to play Phelps! John is just too attractive…but I think can deal with that.( Not that Phelps is ugly, it’s just that nearly no one is as handsome as our dear Krasinski.)

  2. *sniff* (cries with laughter over the lol cat) My question is, can he roar with his mouth absolutely agape and pump his fist throughout most of a ninety minute film?

  3. Um, 2 hours of a shirtless JK??!! Yes please!!! :-)

    (He’s now at 60% and winning by a landslide)

    [from tanster: woo! the power of tally nation.]

  4. Krasinski definitely has the right look, but like other actors, he is far, far, far better looking than the person he’d be portraying ;) He’s the right height too. He’d just have to put on some muscle.

    Also, isn’t Michael Phelps a little too young for a biopic? I mean he’s achieved great things already, but I think the movie would be about 40 minutes long. It would be like 2 Olympics and a training montage.

  5. John’s too attractive, but of course that’s what happens when you glam it up Hollywood style for the big screen. :-)

  6. Oh my God, that is so frightening and hilarious. Well done, Matt. And while there *is* some resemblance, I must say, our boy JKras is definitely cuter.

    [from tanster: frightening and hilarious. i think that is exactly what Matt was going for. ;) ]

  7. I never possibly thought of them as looking similar (though yes, the right height!) I would see a Phelps biopic regardless, but with John Krasinski it would be extra entertaining. ;) haha.

    but then I would be expecting “Michael Phelps” to be making Jim faces and be very confused.

  8. John Krasinski playing Michael Phelps in a movie would seriously make all my dreams come true. I never thought anything could be more perfect.
    The picture makes me laugh outloud!

  9. All I have to say is WOW to the picture. I had to do a double take when I first saw it. Great job Matt!

  10. Extra just asked Debbie Phelps about who she thought could play him out of the options and she said, and I quote, “John’s cool”. She thinks that would work. DP gives him the seal of approval!

    I think it’s incredibly premature for a Phelps movie but I agree that the idea of JKras shirtless and swimming for two hours is just wonderful. ;)

  11. ahhh i have been saying that they look alike all olympics long!!
    that pic is creepy, but awesome lol

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