1. Thought they handled it perfectly! I was a bit worried, but that was hilarious. Michael giving him a hug was just perfect :) Also I loved, “Any jobs?”

  2. I think that David Brent will take over for Michael Scott especially because he asked if any jobs were available!

  3. They were sooooo good! OMG Ricky stepped back into Brent as if he’d only just wrapped the original yesterday. Seeing Steve’s face with the TWSS joke – perfection!

    Absolute indulgence for us fans :)

  4. That was PERFECT! Just brilliant! Office history right there. It worked so well. A PING and a TWSS mention!

    “comedy is a place the mind goes, to tickle itself” Fantastic and well done!

  5. awesome! it is probably getting the anticipation that david will take over for michael up, but i think it’s just a tease.

  6. It was a great scene! Loved the fact that David was still looking for a job, and Michael hugging him was amazing. Bravo, writers! This was a real treat for fans of both the original and the American version of the show.

  7. I also enjoyed it, but would have liked for it to have been longer! And I really wanted to know WHERE they were (why is David Brent in America? Are they at some hotel? Was Michael in England for some reason? Hah, I doubt it.) But I’d rather have this one minute clip than nothing!

  8. I’ve watched this three times and I’m smiling so much I think my face might break! The ultimate comedy duo, in acting and in characters, has finally been formed – it would be criminal for it to be so short-lived. I could watch whole episodes of just them talking.

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