Mindy Kaling to develop her own comedy show

From Variety:

NBC has Tina Fey-style plans for “The Office’s” Mindy Kaling, signing the multihyphenate to an overall deal with the Peacock and Universal Media Studios.

Under terms of the two-year, seven-figure deal, Kaling will continue to write for and appear on “The Office” next season while simultaneously developing a comedy in which she would also star.

Congratulations, Mindy!

Link: Mindy Kaling cues NBC deal

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  1. YAH! I love Mindy Kaling so much and I can totally seeing her successful with her own show.

  2. awesome! i always loved mindy kaling and always wished she should be on televison more.I am really looking forward to her new show!

  3. YAY! As long as there still be some Kelly and Ryan awesomeness to be had, I’ll be extremely happy.

  4. Congrats Mindy! She is my favorite writer (very close with Steve though) and definitely deserves it SO MUCH. I’m so happy for her, couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

  5. Awesome, awesome! I lovve her writing. Can’t wait to see how this all unfolds for her… wishing her all the success she deserves!

  6. Already SO excited for this I love her writing as well as her acting she’s impossible not to adore, this is sure to be a great show!

  7. I already know I will watch this show religously. Mindy you are my idol, my girl-crush, and a certified comedic genius.

  8. Mindy is awesome, and I’m interested to see what direction her new show will take.

  9. This makes me so happy. I feel like Mindy is SO relatable to a huge demographic that has been under-served in the medium of television. I know I will love whatever she does, even if it’s just talking about shopping!

  10. I LOVE that she is getting some personal recognition! Way to go and congrats! Will be watching for your show!

  11. Mindy is a very talented writer so I’m really looking forward to the new show! Good luck Mindy, our balls are in your court!

  12. Congrats to Mindy. Moment of pause for “The Office” as in if her show get’s developed, and her time is taken away from “The Office”. I hope Greg Daniels has some superb writing talent in the wings. Mindy has written some of the BEST Office stuff. (speaking of Season 7 of course as it says she’ll be around for season 6)

  13. Wow – congratulations, Mindy!! Very well-deserved. It always makes me happy when true talent doesn’t go unrecognized.

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