More Office videos from Kristin!

Oh boy, just when you thought we couldn’t be whipped into any more of a frenzy, here comes Kristin Veitch of E! with more videos from the Office set!

You can find all the videos in her column, but here is your direct access pass:

  • Video 1: A compilation of all the separate interviews from Kristin’s Vine show. This was posted here at OT a few days ago. Watch here.
  • Video 2: Discussion and reenactment of The Kiss. Watch here.
  • Video 3: John describes Jenna’s newly inflated ego, and Jenna retaliates with a secret about John! Watch here.
  • Video 4: Steve makes John cry. And cry. And cry. Watch here.
  • Video 5: Rainn talks about what’s coming up for Dwight and the rest of the Schrute clan. Watch here.