The Steve and John Tally

I am continuing to update this post to include all the Steve Carell and John Krasinski highlights of this week — full list after the jump. Holy moly, there was a lot going on this week!

Added today:

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Photos of Steve Carell from Fade In Magazine

Steve Carell

Steve Carell


  1. Seeing John’s pics with Mandy just makes me realize how much cuter, natural and comf he is with Jenna.

  2. If you missed John on Fuse, they are rerunning the episode of ‘The Sauce’ today:

    Pacific: 9:00am
    Mountain: 10:00am
    Central: 11:00am
    Eastern: 12:00pm

  3. I cannot wait for Conan tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and after seeing those pics of John at JustJared, I’ve just reverted back to my JTT days!!!

    (Meaning I’m back to being a bummbling squeeing fangirl even though for my age that’s just embarassing)

  4. I’m SO glad that these two guys have such big movies coming out! It’s almost… almost… as good as if the Office was still on. It’s definitely making it a bit easier to get through the summer.

    Thanks Tanster! I’ve never appreciated bulleted lists as much as I do now! :)

  5. Does anyone else get the distinct feeling that John and Mandy don’t really like each other? Look at the body language in some of those pictures…yikes! It seems like John always at least attempts to put on a happy face for the cameras but she’s clearly not havin’ it.

  6. Yah its great coming on here daily and getting updated news on our favorite show and everyone associated with it. thanks a lot.

    angie: “jtt days” hehe thats funny, I can remember all the girls at my school just crazy in love with him when Home Improvement was in its prime.

  7. allie: I don’t get that impression at all, at least not from the interviews I’ve seen with them? And I think that’s just Mandy’s “face” she makes for the cameras. ;) John is more of a smiler.

  8. Yeah, Allie, I don’t think that it isn’t that they don’t like each other. I watched that HBO thing, and the behind the scenes clips look like they have good chemistry, but who knows. But I think that they work well together after seeing the HBO thing, although I feel like I’ve seen the whole movie by now. :/

  9. I have to agree that John looks much cuter and happier in the pics of him alone. But it doesn’t seem to me that they don’t like each other. I think it’s more that they don’t seem to blend well together in photographs; especially since Mandy’s always dressed up and John’s always dressed much more casual. She’s in a fancy black dress and he’s in jeans and a t-shirt, it just doesn’t fit. Also, what is up with the bright yellow stilletos, yuck. 1986 called, they want their shoes back.

    Another thing, what is up with celebrities not holding their own umbrella? Is it a union thing? I saw this with Nicolas Cage once when he was filming The Family Man. They were shootina a scene around the corner from my apartment and some friends and I were watching. All of a sudden it started to rain and Cage starts walking to his limo and there’s a guy walking behind him holding an umbrella over his head as he waves to the crowd before getting into the car. I remember thinking, “How big a star do you have to be to be too big to hold up your own umbrella?” G-d forbid he breaks a nail or something. But now seeing it in these pics with Mandy, I’m wondering if it isn’t some union thing.

  10. People are saying the they’re chemistry wasn’t that great in the movie, and it comes through in the previews also.

  11. Just to let everyone know who doesn’t already, I just saw HBO’s first look of liscense to wed on youtube. go check it out! I just love JK :) Here’s hoping I run into him at Starbucks.

  12. Who else was annoyed when Mandy Moore said that she was more excited about her new album than “License”???? I was about to slap her. just kidding. but I was annoyed. I like Mandy Moore, but I thought that her saying that with John standing right there was rude.

    had to get that off my chest!

  13. I agree with the nonchemistry issue — but I see it more from her end than from his end (that’s what she said!). Seeing her kiss her in the previews is just not the same as seeing him kiss our beloved Pam/Jenna. Why? The majority of us love us some JAM. Pure and simple. It’s difficult to envision him in love with someone else (e.g., Karen, now Mandy) — even though it’s John up there on the screen, come on, it’s Jim Halpert in our minds…

  14. Allieb–that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking when watching that clip!!! To me, that whole interview was incredibly awkward!

  15. Every time I think I’m over Krasinski…he keeps pulling me back in! Too damn cute.

  16. You know you’ve seen too many John Krasinski interviews when…

    1. You knew he was going to talk about the club incident.
    2. You knew the lawn dart story was going to come up again.


    Always funny, though.

    Also, John and Conan finishing each other’s sentences was hilarious.

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