1. in the clip with angela & the christmas tree, was there someone else? my computer plays these vids so dark, i couldn’t tell.

    i’m excited for the better promo, i love a good office christmas episode!

  2. yanana — It looks like Phyllis is behind her.

    The Christmas episodes are always so well done. Anyone think this year will top Benihana?

  3. I wonder if it can top “Christmas Party”, which is my absolute favorite Christmas episode of any TV show ever.

    “Like booze ever killed anybody”

  4. I don’t think it will top Benihana but then again I didn’t think Benihana would top Christmas Party. That being said Benihana is probably in my top ten

  5. okay, i can make out phyllis now, ha

    lmao i love christmas party!

    – “like booze ever killed anybody” and the looks that followed it.
    – “happy birthday jesus, sorry your party’s so lame”
    – re: the mini tree “we are going to sell it to charity, because that is what christmas is all about”
    – “So Phyllis is basically saying, ‘Hey Michael, I know you did a lot to help the office this year, but I only care about you and oven mitt”s-worth.”
    – when angela starts crying lol

    omg i forgot how much i loved christmas party. i hope this ep lives up to the hype here. i really love this season so far.

  6. “Like booze ever killed anybody” is one of my favorite Office quotes EVER. I am SO pumped for Thursday, I can barely contain myself.

  7. That title sounds really horrible, seriously horrible.
    l can’t imagine anything funny from such a title. l feel bad.

  8. I’m gonna have to agree that the title makes the episode sound lackluster. I hope it isn’t! ” Happy Birthday Jesus. Sorry your party’s so lame.” is probably one of my all time favorite quotes of anything ever.

  9. True…but like I said A Benihana Christmas as a title didn’t sound promising but it turned out being better than Christmas Party(IMO)

  10. I think Bob Vance might be drugging Phyllis. Not that I don’t find it funny that she’s standing up to Angela. But that was just mean.

  11. Oh wow! If the rest of the episode is as good as those two and a half minutes we are in for a real treat! As if Angela and Phyllis weren’t funny enough, Andy with the sitar put me over the edge. Can’t wait for Thursday!

  12. “I will not judge Phyllis for desecrating Christmas. There is one person who will though and Phyllis just stuffed him into her drawer”

    haha I love Angela vs. Phyllis

  13. Andy’s last scene was hilarious. I laughed so hard I threw my head back and I guess I was too close to the wall that I hit my head against.

    Can’t wait until Thursday.

  14. I totally lost it when Andy broke out the “roo-doo-doo-doos” at the end of Deck The Halls. Totally and completely lost it.

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