NBC airs 3-hour Comedy Thursdays in 2011

NBC will air three hours of comedy on Thursdays starting January 20, 2011.

  • 8pm: Community
  • 8:30pm: Perfect Couples (new)
  • 9pm: The Office
  • 9:30pm: Parks and Recreation
  • 10pm: 30 Rock
  • 10:30pm: Outsourced


  1. Yes, please! The Office + Parks and Recreation = love. And as a bonus, I’ll probably fall asleep before Outsourced starts!!!

  2. I’d watch up until 10:30pm although I’d be nervous about “Perfect Couples. Overall I’d prefer:

    8pm: Community
    8:30pm: 30 Rock
    9pm: The Office
    9:30pm: Parks and Recreation
    Friday 10:30pm: Outsourced

  3. Well, I really like Outsourced but I HATE 30 Rock… I watch them all on Hulu over the weekend anyway, so the length of the Thursday night block doesn’t matter to me. I do think there is not enough comedy on tv though, so bring on the laughs!

  4. OMG OMG OMG OMG !!!

    I’ve been waiting for P&R returns for a long time !!

    The best day is the Thursday !!
    Because the day after I can watch all of my favourite TV Shows !!

    The Office, Community, Parks & Recreation, Outsourced & Grey’s anatomy ! :p

  5. I would love that schedule if they would switch Community and Perfect Couples (whatever that show is). Community just deserves a better time slot.

    Can’t wait for the return of P&R

    [from tanster: i agree. i love community but it’s being killed by cbs’ big bang theory.]

  6. I will be glad to have P&R back. Would love it to be in its old 8:30pm timeslot. Community-P&R-The Office is what Thursday nights are all about for me.

  7. YES YES, Community along with the Office are my favorite shows on Thursday night. It is suffering in its time slot, because for some odd reason people watch BBT more. If there was one thing that NBC did good last year was Community, so they should treat this show kindly with a better time slot.

  8. meh – I hate that line up.
    We’d watch Community and the Office, and have to DVR Outsourced and watch it another night. I only watch 30 Rock if I have too (usually we just wait and watch Community then off the DVR), and I was not impressed with P&R last year at all, so it would end up being another DVR and watch later show.
    They should have done Community-or-P&R @ 8:30, then the office, P&R-or-Community, Outsourced and 30 Rock at 10:30 (with the new show starting at 8). Community deserves a way better time slot then it has now, and P&R can lead in or follow out The Office and be fine. :)

  9. I don’t know. I’d want to watch it but I’m not sure I’d stick with it all the way through. I’d strongly advise NBC to put Parenthood in the final hour on Thursday, it seems like a natural fit. And create a one hour comedy block with Parks and the new series elsewhere.

  10. Chase & Undercovers might get their episode orders reduced, so this could be a reality. Unfortunately, this would make NBC bring down the axe on two of the shows for the fall. Between ER ending and Jay Leno nuking the 10PM slot, nothing would surprise me. This change would probably screw Community or P&R out of a chance at renewal. And 30 Rock’s ratings might actually boost surprisingly.

  11. I would cry if this ruins Community.

    I love the characters on Outsourced and hope that it can sustain a story longer than the movie of which it is based.

  12. I would love a full night of comedy! But, I really would like to see Community moved out of the 8 PM slot. I love the show, but I’ve been watching the Big Bang Theory since it started, so I watch it instead on Thursdays.

    So, if they would move community to 8:30, then it would be a perfect night!

  13. This line-up looks perfect. I’m glad to see they might move 30-Rock to a later time. The slot it has now is too early for me and I usually miss it, which I hate. I’m also glad to see Park & Recreation is coming back! I’m all for this new schedule.

  14. I’d like to see Community benefit from extra time slots and get something that won’t get it killed. Right now I watch it and record Big Bang but I’d love to be able to watch everything live. If they could move it to 8:30/7:30, it’d be perfect.

  15. Yes, anything that brings PRec back to Thursdays is good with me. I never got in to Outsourced (well I didn’t give it much of chance because I was upset about Parks and Rec not being on).

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