NBC refunds advertisers as ratings plunge

From Yahoo News:

Fourth-ranked broadcaster NBC has quietly begun reimbursing advertisers an average of $500,000 each for failing to reach guaranteed ratings levels, the first time a network has taken such a step in years, media buyers said.

This paragraph is interesting:

Magna Global audience analysis exec vp Steve Sternberg said he saw no problem with NBC airing a reality block on a low-rated night like Saturday or even during the week if the production values were high or if it replaced other reality programming. However, “if it replaces midweek scripted hours, it could have a negative impact” on ratings and audience quality, he said.

(The Office will be replaced by Celebrity Apprentice starting January 3rd.)

Link: NBC refunds advertisers as ratings plunge

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  1. Serves them right. There is no way I will watch that reality dreck in place of our beloved show. I am done with network TV until The Office comes back. No sense in advertising when no one is watching anyway.

  2. this has just GOT to help get the ball rolling. I heard that if agreements were not reached by the end of the year, no more Office until the Fall. Is this still true? I have hope — there are still a couple of weeks!

  3. I’m completely bummed that TO is still off-the air, but seeing that American Gladiators is coming back takes some of the sting away.

  4. I used to be a media buyer and it is hard for networks to get the dollars they want for new/different programming that hasn’t had a history of numbers and ratings to evaluate. From the advertisers point of view they don’t have assurance that their target audience will be reached and buyers use that to bargain down prices. Apprentice isn’t new show so advertisers will have some idea of what they are getting into, but that won’t be the case for new reality programming. There is no guarantee that the networks will be getting the same dollars for time slots that they are used to if programming has drastically changed when the next quarter buys are happening. This certainly reinforces the writers’ case that audiences want to watch quality programming.

  5. Honestly, if this “Celebrity Apprentice” actually does air, I will have to throw myself in front of a train because that is the biggest joke I have ever heard. How do they expect people to watch that crap when they have such a quality show like the office out there. Are the networks crazy?

  6. awesome – hit them where it hurts!

    You couldn’t pay me to watch the apprentice now (even though in the past it has been one of my favorite reality shows)

  7. N…no good
    B.. b*stards

    So funny how these empty suits, many of whom went to the best MBA schools, cannot get their act together.

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Serves them right. I was wondering if (when) that would happen. That last paragraph is indeed very interesting — I’m glad someone removed from the situation said it.

  9. “Audience quality” has me rolling. Not to sound overtly smug, but I think we know the quality of the Celebrity Apprentice audience.

    Okay, smugness completely intended.

  10. Now THAT is what I’m talking about. Bring back our shows! Finally, proof that we’re not dumb enough to want to watch all that reality crap.

  11. phyllis*farm, what are you talking about? I’m sure Dwight would watch “Celebrity Apprentice.” HA HA.

  12. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the fact that The Office is no longer on iTunes, just like every other NBC show. They are losing money EVERYWHERE. Karma.

  13. What. a. pity. Maybe we should start a Christmas relief fund to get those poor lil’ execs their money back.

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