NBC.com updates Office features

From an NBC press release:

NBC.com has just launched “The Office” Quotes Game. The game was originally developed by “Office” message board users who were challenging each other to identify the character who had spoken a specific quote. Now when users get the quote, episode and character correct, they will be rewarded with the video of the scene itself.

In another feature from “The Office,” NBC.com asks fans to share with the character Toby, their worst Human Resources nightmares. Users submit video clips of themselves as they tell the online audience about their funniest HR stories.

The HR Nightmares page has a new Toby clip. The quotes game is still darned picky.

Links: Press Release | Quote Game | HR Nightmares


  1. That quote game is infuriating. You have to have everything exactly right to the letter or else it says you are wrong. That’s downright unfair. It needs to be programmed to accept answers that are just slightly off, but are pretty much the same thing. Also, it should tell you what the actual answer was when you get it wrong.

  2. well, at least if the quotes game is going to continue to be picky, it isn’t so bad now. They threw in video clips every so often. Kind of cool.

  3. I agree with Heather. It’s kind of frustrating and would be really helpful if the right answers were given so you knew what was supposed to be the answer

  4. Agreed on the quote game being infuriating. How am I supposed to know how they want “bore-ientation” spelled?

  5. They do give the correct answer. Once it comes up “incorrect”, it has the finished quote to the side.

  6. For the one about Dwight being in Oklahoma, the only reason I got it wrong was because I didn’t put it in quotes with an exclamation point. UGH.

  7. Worst one:
    “… I’d like to be part of one someday.” INCORRECT!
    “… I’d like to be part of one some day.”


  8. I wrote to NBC about how poorly designed the game is, and even pointed out a few mistakes in their answers! I know everyone here knows the answer to…

    “We’re going to have our weekly suggestion box meeting. So you can get in your…”

    “constructive compliments ASAP.”

    Right? Yes. But not on this game! They say,

    “We’re going to have our weekly suggestion box meeting. So you can get in your constructive criticism compliments ASAP.”

    Wrong. Anyway, a couple weeks later I haven’t heard anything back, and it is still incorrect as of today. (Except now they show a clip if you get it ‘right’ their way, and they STILL haven’t fixed it)

  9. The game is WAY too difficult (btw, just wrote that it was too hard, but I know better than to say that around you people).

  10. garrett..i agree.

    NOT ONLY is it the worst one because of what you pointed out..the stupid someday some day spacing crap..but the fact that its

    “I’d LOVE to be part of one some day.”

    LOVE and LIKE..two different words.

    Whoever put the game together for the site needs a good punch in the face or elbow to the eyelash.

    …maybe i need to go to “management” training? >.

  11. Did they add the correct quote now? I swear that when I played a while ago they didn’t tell me what the correct answer was, but they also didn’t have the video clips then either.

  12. Okay, speaking of quotes (although not related to the quote game) I have a question:

    What episode is the “long tim” cold open from?? You know, when Michael calls Jim and Pam into his office and the computer talks to them? I can’t figure it out for the life of me right now, so if anyone knows, post it please :-) Thank you.

  13. That’s funny, tanster. Today in class, one of my professors had to cover a topic really fast, and afterwards, she said “That was quick and dirty,” and I had to fight the urge to yell “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!”

  14. that game is horrendously picky… on the GI/Karen question, I put Dad instead of father and got it wrong =(

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