The Office à la Georges Seurat’s ‘Sunday Afternoon’

Thursday, May 19th, 2011 | 38 comments


Here is a brand new stunning wallpaper of The Office for 2011!

The Office a la Georges Seurat A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande JattePhotographed by amazing NBC photographer, Chris Haston

Links: Download the full-sized wallpaper | Q&A with photographer Chris Haston

It’s a version of Georges Seurat’s painting “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.” Compare the two here

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  1. 38. Michelle  

    I love this more than you know! My favorite picture of all time and one of my favorite shows=AWESOMENESS!!!

  2. 37. ItsOnlyMeredith  

    I saw this picture on a hotel TV OnDemand menu this weekend. Jordan and her umbrella…ella…ella…had been removed.

  3. 36. Trent  

    hahaha this is my current wallpaper now!

  4. 35. Eduardo  

    Very classy!

  5. 34. Mike  

    Michael Scott is in the pond.. and Gabe is watching him drown.. And Kevin looks like Lotso from Toy Story 3, only Oscar has his stick ! Awesome image !

  6. 33. DinaC  

    Beautiful work! I’m really amazed and delighted by it. Kudos to the entire team who worked on it…the cast must be thrilled by it, too! :-)

  7. 32. Sean Serio  

    Thanks everyone for your kind words! This was a fun shoot! Chris Haston did an amazing job for us! Cheers!!!

    [from tanster: thanks for stopping by, sean! it is an awesome piece. that’s what she said. :) ]

  8. 31. Rachel  

    why is jordan in this?!? ugh, I had hoped she would be gone with deangelo!

  9. 30. GKCfan  

    This is great! When most shows copy a famous painting, it’s “The Last Supper.” This is a refreshing change.

  10. 29. Dylan  

    just think how great it would’ve been to see Michael in this photo, splashing and flailing to climb out of the pond

  11. 28. Katy  

    Erin is looking at Andy with GREAT intensity!!!

  12. 27. Christy  

    I miss Michael…

  13. 26. Rebecca  

    Why doesn’t NBC ever make widescreen versions of their Office wallpapers? These days, I’m pretty sure widescreen is the norm, is it not? I’d love to have this as my background.

  14. 25. Beth  

    Cracking me up how much you guys are reading into this…

  15. 24. alice  

    it looks so awesome (:
    as far as i can see, that’s the cast we have right now? so, maybe that means that either one of them does become the boss, or the boss will be pretty unimportant to the ensemble that they’re not really part of the main cast.

  16. 23. chris  

    Paul Lieberstein said Mindy Kaling is still going to be on the show, just that she may or may not return as a writer.

  17. 22. Yarnseller  

    This is pretty cool! Crystal cool.

  18. 21. mahoney  

    Does this mean Kelly is definitely returning next season? I haven’t heard anything about that for ages.

  19. 20. scranton_represent  

    Already have this as my facebook profile pic, and my desktop background!

  20. 19. Zach  

    Gabe is actually in the very back near Jordan, leaning over the water. And Michael isn’t in this because this is a promo for the 2011-2012 season.

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