New Office promos

A new promo aired during ‘Conan’ tonight. This time, it’s all about The Office. :)Tipster: Jules

The older SNL-aired promo is here.

A new promo of NBC’s Thursday night lineup aired tonight during ‘Saturday Night Live.’

While I’m not sure if The Office footage is new post-strike stuff, it was exciting to see Steve, Rainn, John, and Jenna hugging and laughing behind the scenes again!

And you might recognize some faces we don’t normally see in front of the camera — namely The Office’s co-executive producer Kent Zbornak and the Director of Photography Randall Einhorn. (Kent is standing to the left of Steve; Randall’s on the right. Go Kent and Randall!)

Update: I’ve been told by a show insider — “Yes, it is all brand new footage — on our first day back, NBC had several camera crews shooting all over the place … in the background, you can also see production assistant Dan Beals, script supervisor Veda, props assistant Marjorie, camera assistant Chris Workman, and camera operator Matt Sohn …”