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SPOILER WARNING! Comments will contain spoilers.

I thought I would create this post so that we can discuss new scenes from tonight’s Traveling Salesmen/The Return newpeats. Discuss away!

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  1. I love that Jim was the only one who was so excited for Pam! –he really does care about her and her art, even if he didn’t go to her show. =)

  2. I was so happy for Pam and that Jim was the most excited for her. :) I’m sure that made her very happy.

  3. Any chance people could describe the new scenes for those of us who are Johnny Foreigners and couldn’t see them for ourselves?

  4. I thought this was going to be like when ABC used to play recaps of Lost and Desperate Housewives, but they were sort of in a montage and connected by a narrator. I think this format has been very entertaining sort of in the same way it’s fun to watch Arrested Development DVDs over and over again. I think it also reveals the syndication value of this show.

  5. I finally figured out why Pam needed to be part of the prank – she needed to get Andy’s cell phone number. Duh.

    So far no new stuff in The return?

    Love that Angela’s cat is named Sprinkles. Also loved Pammy’s art contest.

  6. Ah they brought back Sprinkles and the cats! Excellent throw back! And the Jam. I think that added to the Karen yanking down of the posters deleted scene.

  7. I really enjoyed the newpeats. I noticed new scenes in the first part, but not so much in The Return. I was surprised how they cut a whole story line involving Pam and her art. It was nice to see that Jim was the only person really happy for her (yes I know that the show doesn’t have to revolve around JAM).

  8. Ok. Pam. One word. Adorable. I loved the new part with her telling Jim about her water color award! They are too cute =)

  9. Enjoyed it! Still, I miss Jim’s asking Ryan to pull the prank on Andy. Ryan’s response was one of the best lines all season. I also wish they fit in Angela and her speech to Pam about John Denver, but c’est la vie.

  10. loved the new jim pam moment. maybe they should have left that in. it would have saved them a ton of crap from the fans about having no jim pam moments…

    i heart dwight!

  11. I loved the new scenes in TS, too. I think it did a lot for the plot and gave us a new bit of depth to Karen’s frustration. Her face when he was giving Pam a high five (and the AMAZING way his face glowed as he did it–I swear I nearly melted) was sad, and for the first time ever, I felt a bit sorry for Karen.
    Not sorry enough to be upset if she were to get locked in a closet for a few episodes, though….

  12. Love the art contest story line in Traveling Salesmen, but where was the new material in the Return? I noticed they cut Michael’s “butt-kissing” story out (which worked for me because I thought it was totally unnecessary the first time) and a few other lines here and there. The scenes in the second hour did seem to jump around a lot more quickly than in the original episode, but I can’t figure out how they filled up that extra time… anyone?

  13. Did Jim ask for Ryan’s help when the episode originally aired? I forgot. But I remember the scene, whichever episode it was.

  14. The high five???!?!?!?!? Definitely the highlight!!!!

    My tape gave out, I hope someone can put that part on youtube! new classic Jim/Pam moment!

  15. The only new thing in the Return, I believe, was during Angela and Michael’s talk… they added in “why would he do that for you… I think I know why..” or something like that.

    And the Pam art storyline was nice. Good to see the leadup to the flier attempt.

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