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SPOILER WARNING! Comments will contain spoilers.

I thought I would create this post so that we can discuss new scenes from tonight’s Traveling Salesmen/The Return newpeats. Discuss away!

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  1. Steph C. – Jim asked for Ryan’s help in a deleted scene for The Return.

    Kim E. – Yeah I didn’t notice any new material except for the addition of the deleted scene with Andy at the end. I think that was it.

  2. Loved the watercolor scene in Traveling Salesman.

    But where were were new scenes in The Return?

  3. I saw the second half, not the second, and apparently the first half had all the new parts! If anyone finds out where I could see them… let me know! iTunes? BitTorrent?

  4. Didn’t see anyone mention that scene with Angela offering the “dominant male” to Pam…did you see how Angela’s face slowly hardened back into her scowl? Too funny.

  5. I think the Return was very jammed (pun intended!)packed with scenes and they just didn’t have the room to add more to the Return. I noticed they cut the Angela and Michael thing a bit more, in the original she comments how Kevin never reminded her, I loved that part.

    I was happy with just a new added storyline in Travelling Salesman. It’s great to watch those episodes again!

  6. ok after seeing this one thing is clear…. Karen is a Bitch!!!! I gave her the benefit of the doubt for a realllly long time, but she has to go. I mean can the man just congratulate someone without you interrupting????? Come on

    Oh how freakin’ adorable is Pam!! Just when i thought i couldn’t love her more!

  7. wow.. jenna’s best acting of traveling salesman was when she won that contest.
    she wasnt really in any other parts, so i’m happy that they added all those things.

    and BOOM.. karen ruins like.. THE sweetest JAM moment.

  8. I think there technically were new scenes in “The Return,” but they weren’t new to you if (like me) you saw the producer’s cut.

  9. Pam is my favorite character so I really enjoyed the added art award storyline.

    I loved her little smile after Jim left. She felt good that he was so proud of her. Very cute.

  10. Why WOULDN’T Karen get a little jealous of Jim’s moment with Pam? Come on ladies…we all know we would feel the same way about our man if we had just foundo ut what she had found out. Especially one as beatiful as Jim!

  11. I loved when Pam googled her picture, and she showed it to the camera like, “look!” , but it was really tiny! She’s so cute.

  12. The only “new” scene I caught was Pam telling Jim about her award. I didn’t know it was starting at 8:00! :(

  13. Ryan’s comment when Jim asked to help (Ask me again 10 years ago) was in the epi, they just cut it this time.

  14. I don’t know if they showed this last time, I might’ve missed it.. but I thought it was SO hilarious when Dwight was telling Jim that 70% of attacks come from behind and then Jim slapped him in the face. I was CRACKING UP!

  15. In response to Tyler:
    I was just reading that! That’s so funny, I was about to link it too!

    I find it hard to believe that they are filming the season finale?!?!?!?!?!? OMG! ONE HOUR! and as Jenna said, there’s a lot of ground to cover!!!

  16. I loved the new scenes (yay for more Jam!), but my favorite squeal moment is still when Jim goes: “Why-did she say something?” It’s so junior high. And SO adorable. :)

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