Office Cast Watch List: Dec. 29 – Jan. 4

See Office cast members on these upcoming shows:

  • Sun Dec. 31 and Tue Jan. 2:
    Steve Carell on ‘Between the Lions’ (kids’ reading show)
    Station: KQEDK. Episode: ‘Too Cool.’
  • Mon Jan. 1:
    Melora Hardin on ‘Monk.’
    Station: USA. Episode: ‘Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine.’
  • Mon Jan. 1 and Tue. Jan. 2:
    David Denman on ‘The X-Files.’
    Station: TNT. Episode: ‘Field Trip.’
    Before The Office came along, my top TV addiction was The X-Files. This particular episode, ‘Field Trip,’ is a fun and twisty one. For you diehard fans, it’s the one with Scully and Mulder slathered in yellow goo. Yummy.
  • Thu Jan 4:
    Jenna Fischer on the Rachael Ray Show.
    Taped before Thanksgiving, this is when GMMR met Jenna!