Office Convention: Casino night

No, not the episode, ‘Casino Night.’ A real casino night!

Last night’s event was VIP Casino Night at the Mohegan Sun Casino at Pocono Downs. And it was … spectacular.

From the intimate venue (a private tent just outside the main casino) to the luxurious spread of food and open bar, to the energetic live band, the night was the perfect occasion to get up close and personal with the cast of The Office.

The cast arrived about half an hour into the party, and right away, they started mingling with the crowd, playing at the tables, and even dealing blackjack. (Brian dealt blackjack the ENTIRE evening.) At one point, both Creed and Craig performed with the band. (Creed performed his guitar solo from Booze Cruise’s deleted scene!)

Event attendees got to play for some pretty cool prizes — watches worn by Michael Scott, fake mustaches from the upcoming episode, ‘Branch Wars,’ and Dwight’s green recorder! (Which was eventually won by a friend of mickeyrandy, an OTCR regular.)

I got a chance to briefly say hello to Kent, Angela, Kate, Ed, Craig, Bobby Ray, Brian, Creed, Oscar, and Jason.

It was an absolute joy to meet so many Tallyheads, most of whom seemed in a happy daze to be standing so close to the show’s stars. More than a few were especially excited to see Ed Helms.

One of my biggest thrills of the evening was meeting Jason Kessler, one of the newest members of The Office writing staff. He said it was a “dream come true” to work on the show. He is hopeful to be the lead writer of an episode this season! Yay Jason!

We were told on the buses that transported us to the casino that “this is a VIP event, and we want you to act like VIPs.” Don’t know about the acting part, but we were certainly treated like VIPs.

A few photos to be posted shortly …

P.S. After we returned to the hotel, we were getting ready to sleep when we heard a small commotion in the lobby below. I rushed down to the first floor to see Craig Robinson finish playing the last notes of The Office theme song on the lobby piano. Perfect ending to the evening.