Office Convention: provide feedback!

If you attended the Office Convention, here is your chance to give feedback to the organizers on what you liked and didn’t like about the weekend.

Here are some questions to get you started.

  • What could make the registration process smoother?
  • What could make the autograph signing sessions better?
  • A few events had to be relocated because of rain. How did you think that was handled? How could it have been improved?
  • What was your favorite event? What was your least favorite event and why?
  • In the case of another convention, which events should be repeated? Which events should be skipped and why?
  • What did you think about the printed convention program? What could make it more useful?
  • And for my own selfish reasons, what did you think of the Bloggers’ Breakfast? What would you have liked to see during this event? — more speaking from cast bloggers? A geekier, more technical presentation about how blogs are created and run? A tour of the different Office fansites? More 1:1 mingling with the bloggers? Other ideas?

Be honest, be specific, and be polite. Thanks!


  1. The convention was incredible!! My favorite event may be difficult…probably the Q&A from the cast. But I enjoyed casino night, concert and the writers’ Q&A almost as much. The cast Q&A left my cheeks hurting from laughing and smiling so much. It was hysterical. Least favorite was probably the uncommon stockholder’s meeting. Only because I couldn’t hear anything that was being said. Everything else I think went very smoothly and well organized.

    I thought it was great to hear that the cast members also use OFFICETALLY for their information!! You do a great job!! Meeting you (and getting a picture with you) was also one of my highlights of the convention. Thank you for all that you do.

  2. I really enjoyed the convention & thought for a 1st time, it was very well done. Some things that might be changed for the next one:

    *Seats should be reserved not only for the Corporate tickets but also Regional Manager & Asst. to the Regional Manager. They should be tiered like they would be at a sporting event. I paid for the Regional Manager’s ticket & ended up sitting way back at some events with Interns. A minor thing but something that should be considered.

    *Somehow it would be nice to have the street festival a bit closer to the main venue. I live in the Scranton area & know that they can do this.

    *If at all possible, registration should be held at the Radisson all three days. Moving it all over the place was difficult & having worked registration Saturday I can tell you it was a fairly big headache.

    *If they do offer autograph sessions again (NBC asked them to do it), it would be great if people could be guaranteed more than two. I was happy to get Angela Kinsey & Ed Helms at the table & considered it a bonus when Bobby Ray Shafer came out & signed my volunteer shirt but again feel that if you paid for the upper level pass, you should get a bit more in terms of autographs. This was a last minute thing from what I was told so I’m sure that the organizers will look into it for the next one.

    Again, a great weekend of fun & getting a chance to meet so many great fans of one of the best written shows on TV. I hope to meet more of you at the next one & please feel free to ask me any questions you might have about Scranton, Dunmore (my hometown) or the surrounding areas. I’d be happy to help in any way possible.

  3. I thought that there should have been more signs telling us where to go. It took us over half an hour to find registration. I noticed they did eventually put a sign up near the tent, but that was after registration had already started. You would think that they could have signs with arrows showing what direction the events were in. Yes, they gave us maps, but not being familiar with Scranton, it still got a bit confusing. Maybe it was the 4 hours of sleep and the 4 hour drive causing us to be “dazed and confused,” but that’s my main complaint.

  4. All in all, great weekend. Really well done Scranton.

    I think the biggest problem with the registration was simply a lack of anticipation by the organizers. I know the rain was holding them up, but they seemed overwhelmed that so many people were registering Saturday morning. Maybe more staff or realize that because of work, most people will arrive on Saturday? I was also one of those Corporate pass attendees that walked around with Tucker Hottes’s business card around my neck all weekend. This was fine and I had no problems, but I wish I could have gotten one of the passes with my pic on it for a souvenir. Oh well. Many problems like these will most likely be ironed out if more conventions are held in the future. The only other registration problem I had was finding the main area. I parked down by the South stage and asked where to register. Everyone down there, including blue shirt/employees said that area was the main stage. It took awhile to realize everything up “up the hill”. Since so much info was already sent via email and on the site, a map BEFORE you get to Scranton would be helpful.

  5. I arrived early Saturday morning in the rain and I think the rain was their biggest problem. Having registration, the NBC store and the autograph signing under one tent was way too crowded (too many people, too many umbrellas) – to the point where I chose not to get an autograph or buy anything. I was standing right in front of the stage for over half and hour (very happy with my awesome spot) getting soaking wet when after 10 then announced they were moving it inside (thereby losing my prime spot). I think planning ahead for weather with better back-up plans would have been a good idea. I don’t really want to pick a least favorite,but I’ll say the Costume Exhibit. I appreciated it but it was so random with the trolly cars. My favorite event was the Cast Q&A. Smiled for 2 straight hours. I liked the surprise element of not knowing which actors (if any) for going to be at any given event however the not knowing (and the bad improv) was the cause of me leaving the costume party and thus missing what seemed to be an awesome concert.

  6. Skipping around…

    My favorite event was the Writer’s Block. The questions that were selected were generally very good and the Writers were happy to give a lot of information and displayed their quick wit. Awesome to see B.J. as well! (though his “surprise” arrival had been leaked all weekend). I see now why the organizers tried to collect as many questions as they could before hand. When people yell things out, it can feel crazy. Everyone was fairly well behaved though. The actor’s Q&A was great too, but many of the writers had the same comment I did. A bunch of the questions relayed to the cast were writing questions. As Lester Lewis commented, “why would the cast know that?”. Maybe there were only so many questions to chose from.

    Least favorite event was the formal autograph session(s) in the main tent. I know NBC said they had to be done, but even with a ticket, it was a confusing cattle call. So many angry people too…poor Tucker. I saw him get SCREAMED at more than once. They’ll have to put up huge signs in the future that the tickets are RANDOM for most passes.

  7. To be honest, the weekend was great. The only thing I had a beef with was the Regional Manager pass. When I bought the passes, I wasn’t aware of how many sessions there would be, and when we got there, we were only able to attend one (not the Convention’s fault, we had to leave early on Sunday). Clearer distinctions between tiers of passes would be good. I didn’t feel like the Regional Manager pass was that much better than the Assistant pass.

  8. Great convention! Would have liked for Regional Manager tickets holders to have more access to events since they did pay so much. There wasn’t a large enough distinction between Regional and Assistant passholders. Also, I would have liked less talking from Tucker at both the Bloggers Breakfast and Writer’s Block. He may have helped organize the event but he was a terrible mc in both cases. And, at the Writer’s Block, the MC’s focused too much time on Scranton. Much better questions could have been asked if there was less Scranton talk. Thank you!

  9. What could make the registration process smoother?
    The registration process was very smooth, in my opinion. My packet did not contain a lanyard and pass when I picked it up Friday, but they didn’t hassle me when I realized this on Saturday and asked for a replacement. I would suggest not having the NBC store right next to registration though. This line was very long the whole weekend, and it ran into the registration lines, and made things confusing. I would suggest registration be INSIDE the whole weekend, rain or shine. It would make things less confusing.

    What could make the autograph signing sessions better?
    I did not try to get any autographs, but from what I saw, this would also have been better served by moving it away from the registration tables and the NBC store. Things were very crowded and cramped under the main tent on Saturday.

  10. I had a great time at the convention! The evening Scrantones concert was mind-blowing! I also loved the Writers’ Block and the Cast Q&A. My only complaint would have to be that there was no difference between the Regional Manager pass and the Assistant to the Regional Manager pass. I could have spent $50 instead of $100 and got the same stuff. Maybe what could have been done was to put the Autograph session tickets in ALL the Regional Manager packets instead of it just being a random thing. Just a suggestion.

  11. Overall, the Convention was totally dawsome! I hope it won’t be the last. Two complaints though: I feel there was poor organization and communication on Saturday between all of the volunteers. The rain threw everything into a whirl but none of the volunteers seemed to know what was going on or who to go to to find out. I’m not saying they did a bad job but it would have been better if they were divided into groups with designated leaders who would carry walkie talkies to keep abreast of what was going on.

    Also, I felt that aside from the Corporate passes there was no distinction between the other passes. At events that required the passes, interns had equal seating privileges with A.t.t.R.M and R.M. passholders, thereby making it pointless to have paid that extra cash. Corporate passholders should have been let in first and had their own section up front, then AttRM and RM passholders let in together (since they’re essentially the same passes) and then whatevr spaces were left should have gone to interns.

    I have more to say but am almost at the word count maximum. I’ll continue in another post.

  12. The convention program was great! It was chock full of info about ‘The Office’ and how to get around Scranton but it would have been better if there was a section with full page photos of all the cast members for autographing. Also, handheld cards of all the events and their locations with a map of Scranton on the back would have been great.

    I heard the Uncommon Stockholders Meeting was a letdown, that it was hard to hear and that because it was held in the Steamtown Mall, casual shoppers were often blocking the view for ‘Office’ fans who made the trek ovr there to see it.

    The cast q and a and Scrantones show were spectacular. The lookalike contest was good but a lot of people who dressed up and registered to be in the contest (including my friend) weren’t announced to go on stage. I don’t think that was fair. They made an effort and they should have been recognized for it. Also, those fans that did win for each character should have received an actual prize. Perhaps an autographed item from the actor whose character they dressed up as?

    Phew. Part Three to follow.

  13. I had a great time at the convention. I’m so glad it was put together and that I went. I definitely hope they do it again. I do have a few suggestions, though. For one, there need to be more and clearer signs. More than once my brother and I were standing in lines that we weren’t sure were the right lines to be standing in (and in two cases, they weren’t). There need to be more volunteers also, or at least better communication so they all know what is going on. Also, the Office Olympics was very poorly organized and ran way longer than it should have. Also, there needs to be more division between the Assistant Regional Manager and Regional Manager levels. When we ordered our tickets, Regional Manager sounded much better, but in actuality, once we got to the convention, there was very little difference between the two that we could see. We could have saved fifty dollars. Related to that, seats are reserved for corporate people, but oftentimes people with Assistant to the Regional Manager and Intern tickets were sitting in front of us, even though we’d paid more. Seats could be reserved for all the levels depending on how much was paid. Finally, at the Writer’s Block, people who weren’t Corporate sneaked into the extra Corporate seats, and there weren’t enough ushers to stand up and make them move. It wasn’t fair; people sitting in the back had been there far longer but had far worse seats because they played by the rules. And keep in mind my seats were fine, I just felt bad for them. But, really, it was great. You did a good job getting everybody to come.

  14. With regards to the Bloggers’ Breakfast, I would have appreciated some ‘how to’ information on blogging. I asked the question about it & the answers were fine but most likely due to time constraints, they were very high level. I’d love to know more of the technical stuff to blogging because I’d really like to create a good one (nothing that could ever rival this one of course).

    Overall I was happy with the event & many of my gripes seem to be echoed by others here. Let’s remember that this was the 1st time for our little town to try something of this epic proportion but rest assured, the next one will have fewer issues.

    [from tanster: thank you so much for asking the question at the Bloggers’ Breakfast! i would have loved to have given a more detailed answer, but I was unsure how much time we had and didn’t want to get too geeky. to give you a suggestion right now, though, you may want to check out a hosted blogging site such as — you can set up a blog for free!]

  15. Thanks for providing this section to weigh in on the convention. I’m not a poster here Tanster but I read you site all the time. It’s truly the best out there!

    All in all it was an amazing weekend and I had a great time. I have to echo the sentiments of #8 however. It’s great that the weekend could be a celebration of the show and of Scranton but the questions/follow-ups about Scranton were excessive. There were multiple questions at the Writers Block about whether they would incorporate this or that into the show and whether the characters would start talking like Scrantonians now. It just got to be a bit much. It seemed to me like there are fairly obvious reasons why the show can’t be all about Scranton but yet a lot of time was spent on this sort of thing when other more pertinent questions relating to the show could’ve been asked. Despite this I thought both the Writers Block and Cast Q and A were terrific. Those were my two favorite events. And I agree with the tiered seating idea. RM’s should’ve had the next best seats and so on.

  16. information wasn’t clear enough about cast signings. We didn’t realize we could have stayed and got more autographs after the first four arrived (Oscar,Creed,Craig,and Leslie)and we had corporate passes and only got a handful of signatures. We didn’t see in the literature that the actors were going to be peppered in all day, so we left to get out of the rain then came back to find out that we needed to stand outside all day to get a chance to meet each star. we thought our tickets insured signings. I didn’t feel like things were clear enough even with corporate passes. other than screwing up the very thing we came for we had a good time. But I did love meeting the mistress of on the bus to casino night.(I had that TheOffice computer bag)
    Thank you for all your work

  17. The Bloggers’ Breakfast was fun but I felt bad for Tan and the other non-cast bloggers. Brian and Bobby came out way too early and took away from the recognition the other bloggers had been receiving. Naturally, most of the q and a session was directed to them and Kate, who showed up midway through. I would have liked to have heard more from Tan and Co. about how they balance blogging with their regular lives and how they get such great exclusive info.

    I think there should have been designated times and locations for autographs throughout the weekend that could include all passholders.

    As for the schedule, while an hour to get from one event to another and have a good place in line was somewhat reasonable this year, I imagine future conventions will have many more attendees, so spacing these events out a bit more would be good.

    I know I’ve written a lot but don’t get me wrong. I LOVED the convention and had a blast. My favorite event had to be the Cast Q & A. This forum is about posting our thoughts to make the next one even better and that’s what I hope my comments do.

  18. Well my vantage point is a bit different. My wife and I could only make it up Sunday. I already expected some glitches since this was a first. However some comments:
    1.I agree you need to have registration at the same place. I was informed that registration on Sunday was next to the main tent..wrong!
    2.By the time we went to the blogger’s breakfast, and writer’s block everything was closed! Possibly spread things out(I realize this is hard on the last day)
    3. The one thing we came for was autographs and pics, both very hard to get! However did get Ed and Mindy’s pic after basically stalking them! More autograph/pic opportunities needed.
    4. Seriously lower the price a bit, shelling out that much for corporate is a bit much for most families

  19. Except for the fact that it was gross and rainy, I don’t think anything can be done to make registration smoother. For my friend and I it was quick and painless.

    We were pretty bummed that we didn’t get a ticket for an autograph, but I understand that you can’t guarantee everyone who comes an autograph. But man, it would be nice!

    The worst event was definitely the faux board meeting in the mall. I couldn’t hear anything, it was very crowded, and didn’t actually understand what was going on.

    The best event… a tie between the cast Q&A and the Scrantones concert. First I just want to say that it was AMAZING that the organizers of this convention got the cast members involved in basically every single event. No matter what you went to you were able to see your favs.

    So, Cast Q&A– in spite of a pretty snarky MC (the one on the right was picking on the local weatherman!) the questions were great and the cast was just funny and friendly and wonderful. And getting to see the blooper reel was a huge plus.

    The Scrantones concert was fantastic because you didn’t need a corporate pass to be in the very front row. It was my only chance to be within a foot of the cast. And the cast was so into it. WOW.

    The convention program was difficult to sift through to find what you wanted. Clearer maps with *all* parking areas and closed roads identified would help.

    The Blogger Breakfast… Well, first of all, we need an elevated platform for everyone (all cast and bloggers) to sit on so that we can actually see them. Second, it shouldn’t end so soon to the start of the Writers’ Block (or any other event) because my friend and I left early so that we could get good seats. Which was sad. And I guess a better mix of cast and blogger comments would help.

    A blogging how-to would be great, especially if you did it Tanster! 1:1 mingling would be nice, but to be honest Tanster, I think everyone would run directly to you and you’d be in the middle of a fan stampeded ;)

    What else… Well, I don’t know if there’s anyway to do this, but I’m one of those people who didn’t actually get to meet any of the cast face-to-face and say hi. If there was a way to make that more likely for everyone, it’d be nice :)

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