Office marathon hosted by John Krasinski

Tonight’s Office marathon on NBC was hosted by John Krasinski.

The video below is a compilation of all the clips. The ending is pretty funny!

Tipster: Denise


  1. How excited am I for this? Well, as soon as my eyes hit the title ‘Office Marathon Hosted by John Krasinski’ my whole face lit up and I broke into a huge grin and I think that I might have heard myself giggle a little bit. Yeah…. I’m not a giggling type of person. So I’m VERY excited for tonight and a week from tonight.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Oh yay! I knew they were doing a marathon but I didn’t know he was hosting! Now I’m excited!

  3. The STL affiliate is breaking up the marathon: instead of Local Ad, we get half an hour about the new musical at the Fox, and they’re not airing Local Ad until 11:30 PM on SUNDAY!

    How do the local affiliates get away with this nonsense? Our CBS has done this before, too!

  4. Wow! Bonus! I was just going to have them playing in the background…for some reason I thought it was starting at 8. Not anymore… Yay for John on Jim.

  5. YES! Just John! This is going to be “one craaaaaaazy niiiiight” *cue the Michael’s Diwali song*

  6. very very excited for tonight.
    but wayyy more excited that only one more week stands between me and new office!

  7. Like Kim, I came to vent. How can they change NBC national programming during prime time? It should be illegal! They will definitely be hearing from me though, cause no one interrupts my John Krasinski hosted Office marathon.

  8. I’ve already emailed the STL station venting my frustration at them. :( Hopefully other Office fans will keep us clued in!

  9. Hey…quick question: is “…I’m in love with Italian food” in the “Money” episode? All of a sudden I’m a little disappointed…I was mistakenly counting on that tonight. But I’ll watch every minute anyway, for John K. “Addition by addition.”

  10. WHOA! New Office footage/commercial during My Name Is Earl!! And Michael said something about 3 vasectomies??? WHAT??

  11. I totally underestimated Local Ad. Thoroughly enjoying tonight, seems as though revisiting older episodes is almost as good as seeing a new one.


  12. Tanster…any chance we can get some info on Nathan Robinson, the boy playing the Office song on the piano?

  13. Anybody have any information about Nathan Robinson playing The Office theme on the piano after Local Ad? I was smiling throughout it, than got a lump in my throat when it said, “In memoriam”. How sad.

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