Office set visit auction for a cause!

The Office

Kent Zbornak, co-executive producer of The Office, is auctioning off a set visit to The Office!

All proceeds go to the Office Fans Christmas Fund, benefiting The Office staff members that were laid off after the WGA strike began.

Details of the set visit from Kent:

As part of the Office Fans Christmas Fund, we would like to donate a guest tour of our production. The winner of this auction item and three guests will be given a V.I.P. tour of our shooting facility in Los Angeles and join the cast and crew for lunch. In addition, the winner will get to watch scenes being filmed for an actual episode.

I contacted Kent personally about this auction, and he assures me that it is legitimate.

Tallyheads, please let me know if you bid and win! I would love to feature your report and photos here at OT.

The auction ends December 14th.

Link: Bid on Office set visit (no longer available)

Tipster: Alyssa

UPDATE: The set visit auction is no longer available, and The Office Fans Christmas Fund is now closed. For more information about your donation, please see


  1. Why, oh why do I have to be all the way in Brazil when an opportunity like that presents itself.Why, god, why do you torture me?!

  2. “… In addition, the winner will get to watch scenes being filmed for an actual episode.” Does this mean there will actually BE a new episode?? *fingers crossed*

    Wow! I wish I had the $$ to bid on this!

  3. Sounds fun and all but shouldn’t the rich execs be helping out The Office staff who are laid off due to the writers, and not the fans? I don’t get it?

  4. #6, the studio execs could care less about all the hardworking crew members that get stuck in the middle of all of this. The Office Fans Christmas Fund is there to help out.

  5. Fantastic auction prize. Unfortunately I also do not have $3K to spare! Good luck to anyone bidding on it, though!

  6. To anyone serious about bidding on this, just know that it’s going to get into five figures. Unfortunately, I speak from experience.

  7. If everyone who posts, or lurks, here donated $1 to the OFCF we’d have a nice little Christmas gift for each of the crew members. And they’d know that The Office fans care about them. There’s a link at the bottom of the auction page.

  8. I looked at the price and I just said holy crap kind of loud well.. loud enough to get my teacher to look up from her desk and stare at me. Um… ya well that would been a lot of fun but I’m 17 and have no money so nevermind.

  9. That sounds amazing. Hmm… Me thinking I could use that extra scholarship money I’m not using next semester for this. LOL. Just kidding, though to meet the cast, I would go to great lengths. hehe. By the way, that picture of you Tanster is so funny! The little arrow pointing to you frowning looks hilarious. It’s like it’s saying, “Who wants to be here?” LOL. Thanks for the post.

  10. Will us poor people ever get a chance to have an Office set visit? How can we compete with thousand dollar bids when some of us make $20K a year? Sad…:(

  11. I was sent a link to that a few days ago and the bid was at $100, now it’s over $3000! That’s more than I currently have in my bank account haha. Crazy. Good luck to everyone who’s bidding!

  12. The picture and the informative arrow just made my day. I can’t afford to bid, but I totally chuckled at the “this could be you” and “Pam face” :)

  13. This “item” has a 7-day money-back refund policy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that for a charity auction before.

  14. Well, since the winner can invite 3 guests, for those of you who really want it, just find 3 other Tallyheads and all of you will only pay a fourth… Just a thought.

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