Vote for OfficeTally!

Vote for OfficeTally in the Bloggers Choice Awards!OfficeTally has made it into the TOP THREE for the “Best Entertainment Blog” category at the Blogger’s Choice Awards — please vote for OfficeTally and bring it on home!

Voting ends tomorrow, Oct. 19. Thanks so much for your vote!

Remember that after you confirm your registration, you MUST go back to the OfficeTally page and click the orange VOTE button for your vote to count!

P.S. Please ONLY VOTE ONCE. They delete duplicate votes!


  1. Done and…done. My vote was #15. C’mon OT fans, let’s do this for Jennie and The Office!

    Jennie, sometimes I wonder if you ever sleep. :)

  2. Vote number 21…meaning that 3 people voted for OT in the time that it took me to register. The rate at which this is rising to the top is incalculcable.

  3. i registered over an hour ago, and i still haven’t gotten my confirmationa email. I don’t think that site is dealing with the traffic very well.

  4. OK, so of course I went to the website to vote for OT and signed up but it’s not letting me vote until I get the email from them confirming my registration. That was like an hour ago. Did it take that long for you all?

  5. Finally got the sign up page to load correctly. You’re at number one right now, Tanster, but let’s keep it going, everyone!

  6. That was a lot of work, but for Office Tally it was def worth it! I sometimes just keep hitting the refresh button over and over just to giggle at a few great quotes. Go OT, go!

  7. For those who haven’t gotten the email-check your spam or bulk email folders. Mine got sent there automatically. :)

  8. #74 – We’re getting there! Tanster, this is the best page ever! Thanks for all your hard work & dedication.

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