1. yay!! is there any limit on how many times we RT each day?

    [from tanster: thanks for the question! feel free to RT as many times as you like before the deadline!]

  2. #2
    i agree! i hope i did it right I’m sort of new to twitter. I’m really excited about this contest!

    [from tanster: you can see other people’s entries here. hope that helps! :) ]

  3. Congrats Meaghan! I saw the contest when it was announced on Twitter- it’s so awesome that a Tally Head won it :)

  4. i’m @carolgirl9008 from twitter…i tweeted a lot and i was hoping that you would inform us who won…i would really want to know

    oh and by the way i think it is real cool that u do these giveaways (:

  5. The next episode to be voted off with definitely be “Broke”. It just doesn’t stand out as much as the others.

  6. Stress Release- Didn’t need to be an hour long. The beginning and the end were the best parts.

  7. It really needs to be Heavy Competition. All the other episodes stand out so much more than Heavy Competition.

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