OfficeTally Tagline Contest, 2009

The quote randomizer is that thing you see at the top of this page, right below the “OfficeTally” header. It normally shows random quotes from the current episode; right now it shows entries from past years’ tagline contests.

Let’s freshen up the quote randomizer with new taglines — submit one and you may win the last of three bobbleheads I’m giving away — the one and only Creed Bobblehead!

UPDATE: taglines are now in rotation, and a winner has been chosen!

Taglines in rotation

It’s Bill Buttlicker approved! – laura
Where the lei is respected. – Kim
Like a majestic beast … so fast, so tender. – Ally
If you don’t read OfficeTally, then the other team wins. – FredM
Where funk is the problem AND the solution. – Derek
Home of the Rundown. – Chappa
Where cat maternity leave is recognized. – Roscoet
Better than beating Corporate in volleyball. – Seth
It’s the best fansite. How that fan became a site I don’t know. – Samuel L Chang
Where you can take a rest from your rest. – michael
Wanna hear a lie? This site is the worst. – Andrew
Two-way fansite. You love OfficeTally, it loves you back. – OMG-THEOFFICE
Our blog is in your court. – Seth
An hour of television, an hour of napping, or an hour on OT? – What is wrong with chu?!
The mustard shirt of fansites. – beetfarmersgrl
The traveling pants of fansites. – Dundermom
The Ultimate Stress Relief. – WiseWithWorms
Where it’s ok to grab “these” for balance. – Reecey
You have no idea how high we can fly. – serenitybyjan
Not to be truffled with. – Liz
Where the turn tables. – BNL05
I don’t usually enjoy fansites, but this is delightful. – littlefishinthebigapple
It’s a website … it’s NOT for the church. – Vicki
Everybody post now! – phyllis*farm
Just hit the refresh button ASAP as possible. – mr.dude
Accounting for all things The Office, because Kevin can’t. – George Noble
More JAMmed than the copier. – ES
WARNING: This site may cause detentions. -N–K G—–N
Where orange means “Orange you glad you visited this site?” – Megakel
We know a good apiarist … – Kathy Parker
Where Office fans aren’t only tightends, they’re also quarterbacks. – Jay
It’s OfficeTally dot com. Singular. – songer
Where friends don’t blog about other friends’ butts. – April


Congratulations to Samuel L Chang on his winning entry: “It’s the best fansite. How that fan became a site I don’t know.” You have won a Creed Bobblehead!

A few things to note

Since there were so many great entries, I decided to relax the rules on entries. Also, in some cases, I tweaked the wording of taglines. But the credit goes to you. :)

Thanks to all for participating! I always love seeing the creative and funny taglines you guys come up with. :)

Original contest details are on the next page.


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