1. Maybe in that .2 of a second before impact, Andy steps in and uses his anger management techniques to defuse the situation. ;p

    Okay not likely but I can dream.

  2. That has to be a flashback and then the rest of the episode takes place 6 weeks after Cocktails

  3. ok regardless of the ridiculously loaded ending, the footage leading up to it is exactly like the phyllis getting married…frankly kiiiind of amazing!

  4. aaaahh! So excited!

    okay, so I love Jim and Pam but is it terrible that I thought it was adorable that Jim protectively pushed Karen out of the way of Rampage!Roy?

  5. oh my GOD!! Jim’s face when he sees Roy coming. Angie #3–hahahahaha!! If it’s mean, then I’m mean as well, because that would be hilarious.

  6. I hope Roy gets fired for attacking Jim. only cause if that happened in real life he would get canned for sure.

    also.. I wonder how Karen’s going to feel after learning what really happened between Jam last season

  7. omg. why torture us???? I was just starting to cope with the absence of the office and NOW LOOK WHAT THEY HAVE DONE. Noooooo I can’t wait two more freakin’ weeks!

  8. Oh my god, he protects Karen. I bet you he gets a black eye and then gets angry at Pam for it. Then they’ll keep the feud going until the season finale where they will have a thousand babies and live happily ever after (or something there abouts.)

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