One-hour season 3 finale

I’ve confirmed with Office staff members that The Office Season 3 finale will be one hour long.

That’s a 50% increase over last year’s “supersized” 40-minute finale!

I’ve also been told that there are 25 total episodes in Season 3, with both ‘A Benihana Christmas’ and the season finale counting as two episodes each.

So if I did my math right, we currently have a mere EIGHT new episodes to look forward to …


  1. So technically we are only getting one more episode than last year, thats cool though

    I have a feeling that this year’s finale will revolve around Michael more and the possibility of getting fired just because it would be weird if Jim and Pam have a big moment every May in the DM universe.

    Im actually hoping Jim and Pam hook up before then so we can see the beginnings of their relationship and not just miss out on the first 4 or so months during the summer hiatus since the show works in real time

  2. Even with the two hour-long episodes constituting two episodes each we’re still left with 23 “actual” episodes, one more than last year.

    Yeah for us!

  3. Wow that’s great! With the producer’s cuts, two hour long episodes, and a ton of deleted scenes, the season 3 dvd set will be packed! Now if only they add the picture in picture dvd commentary I’m hoping for…

  4. We better be getting some MAJOR JAM in these next up comming episodes, i can’t takee this depressing sadness anoymoree!!! BLAHH! lol

  5. Great news indeed.

    Vish, are you actually saying that you want them to film the commentaries and put a littlebox on the bottom of the screen showing actors/staffers giving the commentary?

  6. This is very exciting. I hope Steve Carell writes another episode soon; I just adored last season’s finale and would love another like it. It had the perfect balance of all the characters and JAM

  7. HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Although, eight more episodes? I swear, I feel like it was just yesterday that I was baking cupcakes, refreshing Angela’s myspace page every two seconds, and obsessing over what was going to be revealed in “Gay Witch Hunt.”

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