‘Parking’ photos

The Office Parking

SPOILER WARNING! Photos and comments posted here may contain spoilers. (Although the pictures are more character shots than plot-driven.)

It’s just an embarrassment of riches this week — new photos have now been posted from the upcoming episode ‘Parking.’

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  1. I agree that Ryan does look possibly like he’s unemployed, hungover… or both.

    (And who is Angela writing to on gmail?) :)

  2. Ryan does seem too casual to look like he’s Michael’s boss in that photo. Maybe that’s a B.J. and not Ryan photo.

  3. Arechaenerd,

    I’m assuming the photo was supposed to be of BJ, not Ryan.

    Anyway, all this new spoilery goodness is making me giddy.

  4. SPOILER (possibly)

    Well supposedly Ryan’s website is crumbling underneath him and sex predators are hacking into it and such, so maybe he looks that way out of stress?

  5. I was wondering that too- if that’s a picture of Ryan or BJ? Also funny that Angela is on her GMail at work… I thought she worked far too hard to do non-work stuff on the clock. ;)

  6. Aw. I didn’t see Oscar! Phyllis had a stain on her shirt, and Stanley had his finger up his nose. lol You’ve got to love these huge pics =D I am so excited to see all of these epi’s!

  7. Is that BJ or Ryan?

    If Ryan, what happened?

    If BJ, what happened?

    And Dwight and Jim action is afoot… seemed to be a good episode. I mena great. Great episode.

  8. Ryan is definitely not in work clothes. Maybe Michael kidnapped him from his NYC apartment…hahaha…

    Also, Jim and Meredith both have solitaire open on their computers. Do you think Jim is teaching Dwight how to play it in that other picture?

  9. That’s what I was thinking! It looks like he’s just in casual clothes. I’m just curious what this episode is going to be about to be called “Parking”. Oh, and the picture of Jim at his desk…totally my desktop now! LoL!

  10. I think that’s just the way Ryan dresses. Not when he’s at work though, so hmmm… but I still doubt he’s fired.

  11. if angela’s pregnancy wasn’t written into the show, it looks like they’re doing a terrible job covering it up. she looks ginormous.

  12. Ryan looks as if he has been depressed and stressed. Possibly over a crumbling website filled with sexual predators? I love how his facial hair represents his emotion.

  13. Isn’t the jump from Dinner Party to Parking
    where the episodes jump ahead in time?
    If that’s the case, I’m pretty sure Ryan just got fired for being a cocky jerk. 8 )

  14. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I really got the season 2 vibe from these pictures, with the lighting and Jim’s outfit.
    Cute pictures! I can’t wait for the episode!

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