Comic-Con interview with The Office writers

Greg: Are you enjoying Comic-Con? Are you doing some other things? You’ve got like five other sites, too? No, I’m just kidding.

tanster: Yes, I’ll do the for the new show.

Lee: I think that’s a good URL.

tanster (as the writers try to figure out the acronym for that): It’s kind of a mouthful, right?

Greg (pondering out loud): Not, a, spin-off, N-A-S … NASTY? (Laughs)


tanster: There you go!

Lee: Yeah, there it is.

Justin: “Nasot” is a very lewd part of the female anatomy, so you may want to be careful …

tanster: Is it really? And why do you know this, Justin?

Justin: It’s my other specialty. (Everybody laughs.)

Greg: He is a doctor. He is.

tanster: You play one and you become one, okay. No, I came down here specifically for this panel.

Greg: Oh wow.

tanster: And I’m not going to any others.

Greg: You’re not going to see any of it? Did you walk around?

tanster: I did. And the people who are …

Matt: She’s intimidated by the costumes.

tanster: The costumes are of characters on shows that I know nothing about.

Lee: That’s part of the thing. That’s part of the theory.

Greg: Oh, oh, yes. There are huge celebrities inside those costumes. That’s how they mingle when they go to Comic-Con.

tanster: Omigod!

Greg: Michael Jackson, this year, dressed as a Sith Lord, no, as Darth Vader, I believe …

tanster: We should knock on the masks and ask!

Matt (pondering my ridiculous idea): … knock on the masks …

Greg: Britney Spears is here as that robot from Futurama.

Lee: Is that true or are you making that up?

Greg: No, I’m making the whole thing up. (Everybody laughs) I don’t think there’s any truth to it, but I am trying to spread it.

tanster: That’ll be an exclusive on OfficeTally. Your theory on Comic-Con costumes.

Greg: That’s my theory.

Lee: You should start spreading that, so next year, people will be constantly bumping into each other …

Greg: … yanking their masks off. (Everybody laughs)

tanster: So are you guys going back? Right after this?

Greg: We’re all going at different times.

tanster: The hotel situation is just impossible.

Greg: That’s right. We couldn’t get any rooms. I was thinking about bringing my family and staying the weekend, but there were really no rooms in the entire city.

tanster: No, there’s nothing. And the rooms are exorbitantly priced.

Justin: It’s crazy expensive. I think Lee’s staying on a friend’s couch or something, the rest of us are going home.

Lee: What, tonight?

Justin: Tonight.

Lee: I can afford a hotel room.

Justin: But you can’t. (Everybody laughs.)

Lee: No, I can.

Justin: But you choose not to.

Lee: I choose not to. I’m sleeping on the floor of the convention.

Greg (pointing to drapes in the press room): These curtains, you’re just going to wrap yourself up in these curtains.

Lee: Yeah. I’ll probably sleep standing up.

tanster: Awww. Well I’m sure I could post something on OfficeTally and, you know, a local Tallyhead could put you up for the night.

Lee: Ah see, now that would be something. That would be great.

Greg: That’s interesting. You could make a Craigslist out of it.

tanster: Yeah!

Lee: If you posted a thing now, how fast, I have a hotel room for real, I’m just curious …

tanster: If I posted it now? How fast would it take for someone to respond? Immediately.

Lee: Somebody in San Diego would say, oh Lee Eisenberg can stay with me? (Does Lee even have to ask?)

Justin: Let’s say one of The Office writers needs a kidney. (Everybody laughs.)

Matt: Three minutes.

Lee (to Justin): The problem with that is that the Tallyheads would want you to do the operation.

Greg: The FBI is riddled with Tallyheads. The founding fathers were Tallyheads.

At this point, Matt takes a photo.

Greg (to Matt): You didn’t happen to be in Banff, Canada, did you?

Matt: I did not happen to be in Banff.

tanster: Does he look familiar?

Greg: Yeah, you look familiar! Last summer, I went to the Banff Television Festival and did some interviews with some guys …

Matt: Next time you go to Banff, I’ll go. Just so this makes more sense later.

And with that, my audio recording ends. It was less a formal interview and more of a casual chat. With some spoilers thrown in, of course. Hope you enjoyed it, Tallyheads!

Thanks to Jen, Mike, Greg, Justin, Lee, Rainn, J, J, and J for letting me hang out in the press room with y’all.

A special thanks to Matt for being OfficeTally’s photographer, videographer, and post-production engineer during this trip. Hope you had fun! :)


  1. OOOOH! Spoiling. I wonder who’s gonna lose weight? I can’t really imagine like, Angela and Creed dieting. But sounds fun! xD

  2. Way to get Jen and Mike to do some spoiler spoilery spoiling, Tanster! What an episode concept! I am soooo pumped for Sept. 25. Sigh, if only it weren’t late July.

  3. That sounds PERFECT! Oh my gosh, what an amazing way to start the season, show what the summer was like, provide a unique episode, and check in on all of our favorite couples.

  4. Also, the weight loss competition is something my company does so it’ll be fun seeing that played out on The Office. Just gives me more reason to be excited for the premiere.

  5. Wow! I’m glad the Office team is doing something new for us. This creative and dynamic bunch really know how to spoil their fans.

  6. WOAH!!!!! that’s crazy! I’m super excited though – I’m sure The Office team will be able to pull this off very nicely.

  7. I also don’t see any long-term weight loss. So hopefully they make it a joke that nobody is losing weight. If they reference Hurley from LOST, that’d be great too!

  8. WAIT. Wait wait wait. Are they being serious?


    Yeah, I’m sorry I have to ask too.

  9. I’m new to the whole Weight Lost at Work Contest… Is there a certain prize for the winner?? I bet Michael would give the winner a year-long pass to Old Country Buffet :)

  10. I am SOO excited. Excited isn’t even the word. I’m “uber-excited” times 1000. September seems so far away… :(

  11. Thanks Tanster!!! That sounds AWESOME…I think it will be GREAT to see what they do over an 8 week period…especially giving the “cliff hangers” from the season finale of season 4!!! Can’t WAIT until Sept. 25th!!!!! :)

  12. Chalk this up to another Office episode that emulates my ACTUAL office life…so sad, but at least the show provides a humorous spin on seriously boring work events. If only Michael Scott was my boss, the workplace would actually be interesting and exciting.

  13. Yay, spoilers!!!! Thanks so much. The season premiere sounds very innovative and hilarious. I bet nobody loses weight at Scranton. Teehee.

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