1. Very cool. There was actually a pic of Brian, Rainn and David in my paper today from the same event and I was like, cool, it’s The Office.

  2. Haha ah i love all the angst for the Stamford people

    Those are really cute pics. They look so good in black and white, too.

  3. hahaha, looks like the 2 remaining Stamford people had been written off already for the episode that was shot this week

  4. I dont think it’s a big deal about the Stamford folks missing. They have Roy there but no Darryl. Also, has it been confirmed that this is a recent set of pics and not from before the start of Season 3?

  5. [email protected] (officenerd) says:

    They are like one big happy famliy!

  6. The Stanford ppl arent there bc they are GUEST STARS on the show. If the guys are doing a SAG pic, obv only the main cast would be there (other became regulars the start of season 3). I am sure Melora is there but just not pictured in the candid. Once the prof SAG picture turns up, we’ll see the whole cast.
    p.s. I worked at SAG as an intern 2 yrs ago, so this is what I can remember how it works

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