1. Jim’s outfit looks very “Dwight-esque.” It’s that pukey green color that Dwight has made so incredibly fashionable.

  2. and want jim to be sad about that? no no no! (well, he could always go to pam for comfort ;)

  3. What’s with the big braided bracelet Andy’s wearing in the first pic at Sparklies where he’s arguing w/his girlfriend?

  4. It looks like a science room (with the big black tables and the evolution poster on the wall), but that clear door has a “principal” sign on it, so who knows. It’s definitely a high school, though. I think they’re probably just bummed that they have to be in a high school…it’s a pretty irritating place.

  5. Forget JAM. It’s all about JANDY for the rest of the season. Look at the chemistry! They’re clearly not talking but they both know exactly what the other is thinking.


  6. Are they sitting outside the principal’s office!?! Too good. And Elisabeth, I hope you’re right :)

  7. In the principal’s office photograph, the two posters behind Jim and Andy, an environmental doom and gloom scenario side-by-side with evolution diagram, are the best parts of the pics.

  8. If you look at the closer pictures, Jim really looks terrible… and in every picture Ed Helms’s face is hilarious.

  9. so freaking excited…andy and the girl?! looks golden…also, isnt this one supersized?

  10. Jim and An- “sorry, Drew”, sitting in chairs looking at what appears to be a TV in a wooden stand with both of them looking a less than happy with an evolution poster on the wall, lockers outside, and a sign that says Principal on the glass wall.

    Probably one of the most confusing photos ever taken.

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