1. Well, I guess we can safely assume that Jim and Pam are still on speaking terms after the whole Roy fiasco..

  2. And then Michael jumps off the building to demonstrate his cat-like skills. Ha ha ha.

  3. Sorry for the double-post, but I just noticed something else. In the last picture, you can see Karen waaay over in the corner. It’s looking good for the JAM fans. :)

  4. Karen is far away from Jim, and he is standing right beside Pam. hhhhmmm do you think they broke up?? I hope so!!!

  5. In the other pics, Karen is off to the side by Phyllis. We can only hope it is the beginning of JAM…

  6. i dunno…this photo could be staged….but there is definitely no roy! woot! dag, why cant next week be here now.

  7. The Women’s Appreciation spooiler (airing after Safety Training) mentions that Karen and Jim are celebrating their six month trainwreckiversary. But hopefully we’ll have some an up on the ol JP Index.


  8. And look at Darryl’s crutches! Wonder what that’s all about.

  9. I know that the show isn’t all about JAM, but does anyone think they’ll get together BEFORE the season finale?–real question, I’m not being a pain :)

  10. I agree with Danielle. Here’s my take: Roy goes after Jim in The Negotiation and Jim finds out Pam told Roy about Casino Night and…yeah…no more Karen…

  11. There’s watermelon on the white car… intriguing. Michael almost looks like he’s trying to see if he could lob a watermelon from the edge.

    Also, Darryl on crutches. Poor Darryl.

  12. Not getting hopes up #12- SPOILER: Daryl said one of the office employees (one guess who) moved the ladder out from under him and he fell.
    But I didn’t realize it would be a recent thing.

  13. Darryl on crutches… I wonder if Michael tried to get him to wrap his foot in bubble wrap lol

  14. Who is that new warehouse employee behind Ryan, could he be Roy’s replacement!?!

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