Photos from Upfronts Week

Here are some photos of ‘The Office’ cast during upfronts week in New York — including the NBC Universal Experience, the Entertainment Weekly Vavoom Party, and the LUCKY CLUB event.

Jenna Fischer


  1. picture #14 is really making me laugh. something strange is going on with ed’s hair and I don’t think I’ve ever seen paul in glasses.

  2. Omg, JKras with that beard looks so much like one of my best friends it’s sort of freaking me out! lol.
    They all look great though!

  3. Love number fourteen, it makes me laugh too :) Angela not being there is kinda making me sad though.

  4. Aw, Jenna’s so pretty and Rainn’s so dorkily adorable! I love this cast!
    It’s impossible to make John look ugly but… That beard looks like a vicious fungus intent on consuming his pretty, pretty face.

  5. John Krasinski carries off the gone-to-seed look really well–LOVE that long hair and beard!

  6. oh my, John is not very attractive with that beard. It makes the bottom half of his face look over-large or something. Ick.

  7. The beard gets in the way of his natural glow and awesomeness.

    Doesn’t it look like John and Jenna have the same eye color?

  8. Jenna looks fabulous – as usual. I had to break out my DROOL CUP for John’s pics! Love the scruffy, mountain man look.

  9. Me, stream of consciousness like:

    Oh, wow, Jenna looks so nice! Very elegant. Ryan’s a little washed out, but Mindy’s awesome as always. Look at how long Ed’s hair has gotten. There’s the rest of the cast; I wonder how Ang- OH MY GOD, WHAT HAPPENED TO JOHN KRASINSKI’S FACE? WHAT TERRIBLE BET DID HE LOSE?

    Because there is no denying that that is an extremely unflattering beard. An extremely hilarious beard, albeit, but still just sort of offensive to facial hair. (If that’s ever incorporated into the show, hey, I’ll laugh out loud.)

    He had better be getting a Scrooge McDuck’s Vault worth of money for that role. (Please please please say it’s for a role.) Has there ever been an actual deficit of stylists in LA? Just- why?

  10. it looks like Jim “Mad Money” Cramer is looking into Jenna’s brain…maybe she has some good stock tips in there?

  11. RE: Pic #9: The mother in me wants to straighten up that boy’s collar and make him button up just one more.

    RE: Pic #11: And I want to smack that grin off his face. Whoops, the line between reality and fantasy was momentarily blurred. My apologies.

  12. #14- John’s beard is for his role in the movie Farlanders, which is filming right now. At least that’s what I’m thinking, because all the pictures I’ve seen on set he has a beard!

    The cast looks great! I love them!

  13. I wonder if Krasinski is growing that for a part, because I can’t see why he would just for the fun of it.
    And anyone think that Ed Helms looks a bit like Chris Parnell?
    Such beauties, this cast!

  14. whoa ed helms looks so much different here than on the show. well so does rainn but i always knew he did–i had just assumed ed looked pretty much the same as on the show—minus the preppy clothing…

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