Preview clips of ‘A Benihana Christmas’

Yahoo TV has posted three preview clips from next week’s episode, A Benihana Christmas.

Michael video | Dwight video | Karen video

SPOILER WARNING! Videos and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

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Here’s the transcripts, courtesy of a comment posted by Cousin Mose:

For those who can’t get the clips to play (like myself earlier today), here’s a synopsis of each scene:

#1: The ladies are planning the office party in the conference room. Every suggestion made is shot down by Angela. Karen suggests a couple of things to help the Stamford folk feel more at home, like a raffle or drinking contest (Meredith LOVES that one), but Angela shoots each one down in turn. She says they do not fit with the theme of a Nutcracker Christmas. Angela then kicks Karen out of the room. Pam looks uncomfortable.

#2: Michael rides into the office on a bicycle with a bow on the handlebars. He puts it in with donated toys for a toy drive. Jim and the others comment on how old and beat up the bike looks. Pam gives Michael a gift bag, which he thinks is from her at first. She tells him it’s from corporate, and that everyone gets one. Next, Michael is wearing a Dunder0Mifflin bathrobe in his office and talking about how he’s “got two tickets to paradise”–a trip for he and Carol to Jamaica.

#3: Dwight walks in the office holding a dead Canadian goose by the neck. Pam freaks out when he sets it on her desk. He says he hit it on the way to work, and it’s a Christmas miracle. Dwight says he’ll cook it for everyone. People gather around and Toby walks in and says “Dwight…we talked about this…”

Cut to Dwight’s talking head, where he says that he brought a duck in once for lunch, but that people “got attached to it…I guess they didn’t want to see it killed.”

Anyway, Dwight tells the staff that the Schrutes use all parts of the goose, including boiling down the goose grease, thus saving everyone from going to the store and getting their own goose grease. Jim says that this is a win/win situation.

Hope that helps. If someone else wants to go to the trouble of transcribing each clip, go ahead. I’m not that motivated! :)