1. I love how Dwight makes a phone call in the middle of Jim’s pitch. I’d slap him too if he did that to me.

  2. SOOOOO excited for next week after watching those :D “You sounded like my niece, and she’s 6 months old!”

  3. simply stunning….and great stuff…could it be finally returning to its once great days of season 2?

    oh wait, we saw a combine 3 mintues of footage…good stuff none the less

  4. I’m just in tears. Oh my…wow.

    Karen is slowly dropping to the bottom of my list though. I don’t hate anyone in the Office (Ryan got there quick when he was an ass to myJim but I have since forgiven him) but she’s such a snob with Phyllis.

    Jim and Dwight! Yay!

  5. They are back! “Boobs” is way more hilarious in the promo rather than the ad.

    Hey, anyone else recognize “Harvey”‘s voice as that guy from SNL? Genius!

    I can’t wait!!!

  6. I also love how great Phyllis was – it makes us realize what a great salesperson she is, and why she’s so important to the office and show!

  7. Help it won’t let me play it said i need a newer version on Windows Media Player, but i have 11? HELP!!!!

  8. Sorry for the random “Phyllis”…

    Phyllis loves JAM! I think she picked Karen in order to split her and Jim up. :)

  9. Could someone post a transcript of these scenes (or at least describe them) since yahoo clips don’t seem to work for us mac users? Thanks much!

  10. Wow, several people outdid themselves…Phyllis was amazing!! Ditto Stanley!
    LOVE the photo of “young Jim” and Dwight.
    And “Long Tim” is sure to be a staple character for a while.

  11. OMG. Definitely Season 2-worthy.

    “I’m very flattered. I was his second choice, after… ‘pass.'”
    “Oh young Jim, there’s so much I need to warn you about… and yet, tragically, I cannot..”

  12. Harvey? Don Pardo? What? It sounds like him, but I can only listen in chopped up bits. My computer won’t play them correctly. Is that him? Ha! I love it.

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