1. Wow! “I would be stupid not to do it…right?” and “Really ruined eighth grade for us” might be among my favorite lines of the season so far. This also suggests Michael is back to his more toned-down, clueless craziness, which is fun. Not that I didn’t enjoy the brief departure of these past 2 or 3 episodes, but it’ll be good to have the old Michael back (who ever thought they would say THOSE words? haha).

  2. I second Anne’s comment (#1)

    My roommate is napping and my snort of laughter almost woke her. Had it done so, the repercussions would surely have led to my death.

  3. Oh God, that was beautiful. I love just how totally narcissistic Michael is towards Kevin and his near fatal incident, and that he thought his 8th grade pedophile teacher was the cool teacher.

    And you’re right, “I’d be stupid NOT to do it…right?” is one of Ryan’s best lines.

  4. Ryan’s supposed to have a 4.0, if you go by the deleted scene in Diwali. If he’s obsessive over grades, which I’m sure he is, he’d want the extra guarantee.

  5. Aside from laughing, my response was similar to CH, poster #5, with the addition that it makes me happy to see the writers approach a sensitive topic such as this with the same comedic twist as when they skewered sexual harrassment seminars and took on the sacrosanct “The More You Know” PSAs. The brilliant thing is that it’s another dark insight to Michael’s neediness.

  6. This episode is shaping to be a classic judging from the clips we have seen and spoilers I have read on the twop boards. If only Jim and Pam JAM each other in the parking lot after the art show then this will be an uber episode of The Office

  7. HamburgerHalpert: any JAMing that should be going on, should be in a late-night edition of The Office. Hahaha imagine a special adult rated episode?

    Wow I need to shut up.

  8. I just realized we’ve only got 8 or 9 episodes left in this season. How depressing is that??? And then we’ll have to wait until September to buy season 3 on dvd…

  9. I wonder if Phyllis was one of those 12 students? She was an “Easy Rider”.

    Hehe, just kidding, I love Phyllis. Can’t wait for this episode either, it’s going to be awesome!

  10. why does kevin always have these death scares? like the time he was being tested for skin cancer

    poor kevin

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