Previews of ‘Phyllis’ Wedding’

SPOILER WARNING! Videos and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

  • Yahoo’s extended preview: over four minutes long!
  •’s Preview #1: classic Jim/Dwight shenanigans.
  •’s Preview #2: Michael’s speech.
  • Entertainment Weekly’s preview: Kevin and Scrantonicity! Aside from the video, there’s a really great article beneath it — make sure to read it!
  •’s preview: WARNING, there is major JAM action in this one!
  •’s previews: there are two here that are different from the rest — “Kelly gives Pam advice on how to act at the wedding” and “Michael causes problems with the caterers.”

(Whew! Are we previewed out?)

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  1. Wow. That was really long. I was most pleased with the Pam parts. I can’t exactly decide how to describe the way she said, “Also Pam and Roy!” How does she feel about attending a wedding that reminds her of her wedding to Roy? Was she annoyed? Why? Was she sad?

    Oh, and Stanley was priceless.

  2. Wow, that WAS quite an extended preview…four minutes in all! Looks like a really really good one!!

  3. I tried to stay away from this clip for like a whole two minutes but alas, I have no will power…

    It was great though…Pam does not look amused…

  4. Sometimes I hate these previews so early before the episode comes out. This episode is going to be nuts but it just reminds me I have to wait 6 damn days to see it.

  5. Sorry for another post-
    Does this mean Phyliss will be gone for awhile? Also does anyone think Pam is going to get all vulnerable and fall for Roy? Even if its only temporary?

  6. Notice Stanley is holding his wife’s hand, while Jim isn’t holding Karen’s as they’re walking on the same shot.

  7. (… continuation from my previous post) Both they’re presents are toasters. Jim didnt’ need to use both his hands to hold it.

  8. Wow. Not only is Phyllis copping Pam’s flowers and invitations, she’s getting her toaster, too! I guess Stanley’s house no longer has “twooo toasters.”

  9. I think that if anything, Pam seeing her wedding play out would only make her more annoyed with Roy and less apt to get back together with him. This should be a great show!

  10. hmm. this is weird but when karen was talking about the P and R I heard P and J for some odd reason and then went to jim’s face, and i was like DUH!! weird..oh well cant wait!!

  11. I hope a large chunk of the show is dedicated to the reception and the pre-church and church stuff is kept to a minimum

  12. Arrrggghhh!! I can’t get the preview to play using the link. Anyone else have this trouble? What to do!

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