1. “Wash hands thoroughly after handling Princess Unicorn.
    -Do not play with Princess Unicorn if you are allergic to lead based paint.
    -The spike on Princess Unicorn is incredibly sharp, so Princess Unicorn can pierce the sky. It can also pierce your skin. Handle with care”

    HAHA! priceless!


    Dwight better stock up on those shirts because they’re gonna be selling like beet wine.

  3. haha that is so funny! The testimonials are the best part. I see Michael, Dwight, Andy and even Big Tuna have commented on the toy.

  4. 10 bucks says nbc.com starts selling dunder mifflin shot glasses by next week. unless they already do. in which case, i am a psychic.

  5. Check out page 11 on the testimonials. Someone posted as Sarah Palin and it’s pretty funny. (at least to me anyway)

  6. The text on the site is actually really clever! (A huge improvement over Angela’s fake wedding site.) Thank you, Office writers, for the treat :)

    PS- I wanted to submit this to Digg but someone beat me to it: link

  7. That was definitely unexpected… I have to say that I’m happy Andy wasn’t in the room when Phyllis decided to spout off. That would have been WAY too sad. I think the other employees already had an idea about what was going on [like Jim said], so the fact that Andy didn’t have to find out was nice.

  8. #14 – actually there is an update tonight on the wedding site! The Ceremony! Poor Andy still oblivious :(

  9. I am so excited to finally choose a name for my office tally comments. Thanks you, Princess Unicorn!

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