1. I love Pam and Michael interaction. Brilliant. I see good things ahead.

  2. ahah I love the new kinda laugh-out-loud funny Pam. And I bet that xylophone thing at the beginning was from this episode.

  3. leslie, I’m with you on the half-hour thing. I know everyone loves the one-hours, but I’m excited for the return of the short ones.

    Also, Pam is amazing.

  4. #8: i bet the xylophone part is from 30rock, since the show acknowledges that the characters work for nbc.

    but, i cannot wait for 30min episodes…which feels like an odd thing to say.

  5. As always, looks like it will be a good episode. I love as much Office as I can get, but I do think the half hour episodes will allow for a better flow of the storylines. Anyone think the next DMI task after this episode will be something like create your own local ad for DMI?

  6. Pam is awesome. Nuff said. Also, Creed being in the ad for Dunder-Mifflin just put the sugar on top for me! Nuff said, again.

  7. Ooh, wow, that second promo… is Michael in Chili’s/a bar? Might this be the return of The Dundies!?

  8. Hahaha. That episode sounds hysterical…and I totally agree lemonade, Pam is awesome.

    Go Creed Go! ;)

  9. Yeah, I rewatched it and thought it was probably from 30 Rock. But, anyway, I totally agree with the half hour thing. I love the hours, but it gets too long at a point. I wish they had a 45 minute time slot; that would be perfect I think.

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