1. I wonder if this is going to change Michael’s future appearance (ie. no more nice suits, ties, european-cut shirts).

  2. Y’all, I’m telling you, the rage in Michael this season is crazy. 10,000:1 odds says he’s gonna punch a hole in a wall or explode before Christmas.

  3. haha I hope he has to sell his car and then there could be a whole storyline about him pretending that he did it so that he could buy a hybrid and be a friend to the environment.

  4. Maybe he can sell his BlackBerry on ebay for some extra cash. I just want to hear about Michael selling more stuff on ebay “in record time.”

  5. Well carly,

    The car is company property so he can’t sell that for extra cash.

    But I can already see what the events of the past couple of weeks have led up to with the whole “I declare bankruptcy” line.

  6. If this is yet another Michael-Scott-as-Homer-Simpson episode, I’m going to be very disappointed. Why can’t he just be the incompetent and oblivious boss? Now all he acts is crazy.

  7. Please quit making Michael scream! This show is so awesome when Michael is not too over the top……it is supposed to be a reality show right?

  8. #17: Agreed. I’m starting to think Michael is taking life lessons from Jan! Come Christmas, he’ll be collapsing into himself like a dying star!

  9. I can’t wait for this ep. That Michael & Oscar moment is hilarious and I can’t wait to see what Dwight has in store for Jim & Pam at the farm.

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