1. Whoah, this may be a big jump, but I wanna start taking bets. Who wants to bet Ryan never went to Thailand, but just wanted out of Dunder Mifflin and Kelly? That would explain so much and would make so much more sens. Anyone agree?

  2. ahhhh i LOVE Ryan’s new hair! haha and i can see him lying about the Thailand thing. I can’t wait to see what happens :)

  3. Last week, I almost lost all faith in the writers. Tonight, I feel ashamed that I ever doubted them. That was an amazing episode. I have a feeling that Michael’s company is going to do so well that David Wallace begs to buy it from Michael. And go Pam for getting out of her receptionist rut!

  4. I’m thinking Stanley leaves and goes to work for Michael.

    As much as he hates Michael, his crossword puzzle days are numbered with Charles in the office.

    And i know we are supposed to dislike Charles as a character but wow, he attempted to physically assault Michael and wouldn’t even allow him to take his personal belongings. Talk about unprofessional.

  5. “Hey we need to get you dressed!” and Kevin at reception XD i can’t wait!!! I think Parks and Recreation looks funny too.

  6. I loved Kevin at reception – that was hysterical! I also can’t wait to see what Ryan’s been up to this entire time; I think it’s possible that he lied about going to Thailand, and is now using the blonde hair as a disguise, maybe? I wonder what he has to say concerning everything that’s been going on in his life and why he did the things he did, both at Dunder-Mifflin and away from it. Maybe he’ll work for Michael out of desperation?

  7. how am i going to last for two weeks?!? thank god lost is on next wed.
    really excited for the next episodes!!

  8. What did oscar say under his breath in the opening scene of the 3/26 episode? It was immediately after him saying “but i dream.” You can hear the mic volume increase greatly and it seems to have started with an “s.” maybe two words…

  9. Why oh why do they have to show not one but TWO new episodes PLUS Parks and Recreations on PASSOVER?! :(

    But the promos look amazing. Can’t wait!

  10. I’ve been saying the same thing about Ryan going to Thailand since he announced it. He did not seem sincere about it and was just looking for an excuse to leave.

  11. Kevin. Is. Amazing. as the new receptionist. Omg.

    I am so excited for the next episode(s)! I was getting a little worried about this season, but now I’m just left questioning everything: Will Michael Scott Paper Company actually get started/be successful? Will Jim EVER leave Dunder Mifflin? Does Charles really think that intimidating people into doing their work will be effective in the long run?
    I can’t wait to see how things turn out!

  12. I am afraid of what the next two episodes will be like. It seemed that the writers were finally tapping back into the original humor and innovative story lines that made this show so amazing. I hope they don’t spiral back down into all that soap opera like drama. But I will keep faith, maybe it will be great…

  13. so here are my bets:
    -Michael hires Ryan for his new company
    -Charles’s plan [kevin reception and stanley as productivity manager] blows up in his face
    -Wallace doesn’t like that Charles failed and either fires him or takes away some responsibility
    -and at some point Michael has to come back

  14. What is up with Charles and Jim? For crying out loud… Actually a couple weeks ago when the title was announced for this ep, I thought David Wallace would be the one to quit. That’s something I’d wager would happen before Michael comes back…

    So that’s my two cents.

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