1. I love Michael’s half cry, half yell.

    Last week Pam wore her hair down. This week, a pony tail. The girl’s gone wild!

  2. I have to say…

    Even though we’re almost two and a half seasons in, I’m still surprised every week at the quality of writing of this show. Even in just a promo clip, I can tell it’s going to be another well written episode.

  3. The pained look on Michaels face is comedic genious. This is gonna be a stellar episode…I am counting down the days (as usual)

  4. Is it sad that (while I loved the promo and think Steve is hilarious in what I say) that the first thought was “OMG Pam’s wearing a different type of shirt and her hair is up?!”

    Fancy new Beesly! :)

    Can’t wait for this one!

  5. Much thanks for uploading this, Office Tally.

    But I’m surprised that we don’t know yet who wrote Branch Closing. Surely someone can find that out and let us know?

  6. wow. even though i know it’s supposed to be depressing, i find michael’s brave face quite hilarious. and the “nobody loves me anymore” line just made me fall off my chair.

  7. I love Michael’s brave face as well…I think that this is going to be an interesting episode…Tracy Michael is saying “Nobody Loves Me Anymore” as he’s rolling around on the ground

  8. It’s actually “nobody LIKES me anymore”

    poor michael. love the brave face on the verge of tears look

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