Questions for Scranton “Behind the Scenes” panel

Can you guys help me?

I’ll be asking questions during the “Behind the Scenes” panel at The Office Wrap Party this weekend in Scranton.

The panelists haven’t been officially announced yet, but they will include Executive Producer Greg Daniels, as well as other producers, writers, and staff.

What are some good questions to ask them about The Office?

Thanks for your help!
:) tanster


  1. Was there ever an episode or scene that they REALLY wanted to see happen, but it was scrapped before it could be filmed, or otherwise never made it past the script phrase?

  2. Specifically for the writers: Season nine is very unique for several reasons. There have been some great flashbacks, some back as early as season two. The prominent difference is introducing the documentary crew. At any point early in the shows first seasons were there any considerations that this would be how you would end the series? If so, how did you prepare in advanced for it? Best show ever!

  3. Unless this has been asked before, I would really like to know if Jim ever went to Australia.

  4. Throughout the years, we’ve heard about how difficult it is for everyone to film “conference room” scenes. For the song in Michael’s Last Dundies, everyone looked like they were ready for a group hug! What was the vibe like while filming that particular scene? How many times did the cast have to sing it?

  5. It’s so cool of you to include us, Tanster! You’re the best! Here are some questions I’ve always wanted to know the answer to:

    – Were there any stories the cast/crew wanted for characters that never made it on air?

    – What was the most memorable scene/episode/arc to produce?

    – If they had to say any (other) character’s lines, whose would they choose?

    – If they had to choose a favorite food, candy, or movie for any/their character, what would they choose?

    – What was one of their favorite lines/exchanges from the show?

  6. Ask them how long they have known how the show would end. Curious if they had an idea in the beginning what the end would look like.

  7. I have always been curious about what kind of direction/ feedback/suggestion they received from Ricky G and Stephen M. After season 1 or 2 did they ever go to them (or were they approached) about the show’s direction or character development and arcs? Do those guys watch the show?

  8. Can you ask them if Toby will have a happy ending with Nellie? I just want those two to end up together!

  9. Was there ever a joke or a line that was deemed as “too offensive” by the network that you were really proud of and wanted to have in the final cut of the episode, but were unable to include it?

  10. What were some storylines/cold-opens that were discussed but never made it into the show?

    What was the biggest debate (or fight) you ever had in the writer’s room?

  11. How much, if any, was the Sam & Diane thread from Cheers a primer for Jim & Pam’s story?

  12. Did the writers intend for the Toby/ Nellie story to be like a grown up Charlie Brown and the little red haired girl?

  13. Was there ever a thought of including “emails,care package or something else”from the Michael and Holly characters?” They could have been mentioned in a show about talking to them on the phone recently or did the producers try to avoid the rumor of them returning?

  14. #1 – Thank you for 9 awesome seasons…been there since year 1!

    #2 – Are there any storylines over the years that they wish they would or could have explored more in depth that they weren’t able to for whatever reason? If so, how would they have liked it/them to play out?

    Thanks, Tanster! Have fun. :)

  15. Ask if they knew how they wanted the series to end since the start of the season, or was it decided later on, and how has that effected the writing of the individual episodes?

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