Rainn, Rainn everywhere

  • A few OT readers wrote in about Rainn Wilson’s appearance on the ESPYs last night. Lauren wrote, “Rainn Wilson had a fairly big role on the ESPY awards tonight as Lance Armstrong’s ‘assistant’.” Barry wrote, “He did a pretty long schtick with Lance Armstrong, acting as his PA, even painting his nails. It even had Rainn taking his shirt off and dancing. Talk about a sight for sore eyes.” If you guys have a video link, let me know!
  • LJ Office also reports that Rainn appears in a short 1-800-TBS Funny spot for ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend’ — watch it here. (Sorry, PCs only.)
  • Finally, don’t forget that Rainn appears on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ tonight! See the calendar for a full list of events.