Rainn Wilson’s auction for Haiti

On January 12, Haiti was devastated by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. The Office’s Rainn Wilson is auctioning off some cool Office stuff to raise money for Haiti relief organization Planting Peace.

STATUS: Rainn’s auctions raised over $10,000 for Planting Peace. Thanks to all buyers who contributed so generously! (Here are the items that were sold.)


  1. I love Creed. Love him.

    (And WWW and SamHam — I get my computer back from the computer hospital next week! Can’t wait to catch up with DMI Marietta! Woot!)

  2. Is this US only, or can I bid if I live in Sweden?

    [from tanster: i just checked with rainn, and free international shipping is included!]

  3. i’m out of the loop… can someone explain the “dunder muffin” thing to me?

    [from tanster: i believe it was a typo in manufacturing. makes it more valuable. ;) ]

  4. muffins do sound better than mifflins! Obviously the people who made this had watched the pilot ;)

  5. Wow! What a great auction item! Someone is going to be very lucky- and happy. This was a great idea Rainn. I hope you raise millions with your auctions!

  6. Great idea….for those who HAVE money! You should do a raffle type idea. You’d raise just as much cause many people would do it for a buck or two and it would give the common man a chance.

    [from tanster: actually, we did look into doing this as a raffle first, but in the state of california, there were legal and logistical complications. good idea, though!]

  7. Awesome..but I kinda need 6-grand right now.

    How about you film an exclusive Office Episode and charge fans $15 to view it.

    I’d pay $15 to support Haiti and get an insider pass to my pals Michael & Dwight!

  8. Wow I wish I could afford this! $6000 is just way too much :(
    Too bad, I would absolutely LOVE to visit the set!

  9. Oooh! I really wish I could afford it…I would pull a Dwight and say, “Six thousand…and one penny!” But, I’ll just have to dream…that’s a little out of a college student’s price range!

  10. Hmm…anyone know why the most recent auction item was removed? The HD Flip video camera?

    [from tanster: will be posted soon. sorry for the confusion!]

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