Rainn Wilson on ‘Leno’

SPOILER WARNING! Videos and comments posted here may contain spoilers. (A clip of ‘Goodbye, Toby’ was shown tonight.)

Rainn Wilson appeared tonight on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jay Leno!

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  1. well they did not show any clips when Steve was on Conan so I don’t think they will show a clip.

  2. Oooooh, I hope I can stay up for it! Thank God for this site, because the night Jenna was on, the monologue and dumb Huey Lewis thing had me fighting to keep my eyes open. During the commerical break during her interview, I passed out and woke up at the end of the musical guest’s performance…”Did I FALL ASLEEP???”

    Amyone know if Rainn will be on first?

  3. Rainn is first. Our little cast is all grown up.

    And, yes, that Huey Lewis bit was horrific. I wanted to personally slap every person who was laughing and yell at them, “You see?! That’s not funny! You’re the reason Arrested Development was cancelled!”

  4. Well, I’m not really looking forward to a clip…I just wanna see how hilarious the interview’s gonna be. Besides, the episode airs tomorrow, which is approximately 20 hours from when the interview with Rainn begins…sooo, I don’t mind waiting.

  5. Hey! We just got back from seeing Rainn on Leno!! He was funny as always! And…he makes a big political announcement…as Dwight K. Schrute! Watch it, he’s looking good!

  6. I forced myself to stay awake and then suffered through the lousyness that is Leno last week for Jenna (don’t even get me started on the Huey Lewis bit), but I’m just not going to do it tonight. I’ll be more than happy to watch a posted clip here at OT (thank you in advance, Tanster)

  7. more than the clip, I’m excited to see his response to John McCain’s “announcement” as dwight as his vice president on jon stewart last week.

  8. to phyllis*farm:

    you should have slapped them. and then, afterwards, you should have said “and THAT’s why you don’t cancel arrested development!”

    on a more office related note, i think for once i might actually avoid the clip to keep myself spoiler free for the finale.

  9. Was going to watch Rainn…now will just DVR it so I can fast forward the clip – I don’t want anything to spoil the finale for me! We’ve been so lucky with all the cast appearances lately! (BJ, Jenna, Steve, Rainn!)

  10. I’ll be up anyway, so I’ll watch, but I don’t feel that I need to see the clip… I think if I see any more footage, I’ll explode from too much anticipation!!! Only 22 hours till the finale – I think I can make it… Then again, I can’t wait to see that clip!!!

  11. haha!! just watched leno. so awesome! and the clip they showed was so funny! “WIPE the knife off before you put it in the jelly…have you ever made a sand– damn it, meredith!” CAN’T wait!

  12. i gotta get one of those shirts and bumper sticker! and Rainn was looking good tonight…

  13. 13 | Stefanie Wed. May. 14, 2008 at 8:15pm:

    I think if I see any more footage, I’ll explode from too much anticipation!!!

    Annnnnd, that’s what she said!

  14. Well, darn it… The interview was totally screwed by our local weather warnings here.

    Looking forward to seeing it on here!

    Where can I get the “Dwight for Vice-President” shirt???

  15. Hey…didn’t Holly and I TELL you all he was looking good??!!! I didn’t realize how stylish he was! Anyway…yeah the clip was super funny, and in case anyone is wondering it doesn’t really give away anything for the finale. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! :)

  16. Oh my goodness, I would so vote for McCain if that meant that Dwight could be Assistant President. I really want one of those bumper stickers! =]

  17. Rainn’s bassoon talent transferred quite well to the recorder. The recorder is the new bassoon when it comes to attracting chicks.

    I love that he accepted the veep position on national tv as Dwight. His list of demands was classic and full of inside jokes for all the Office fans. Jack Bauer may be overqualified to be the assistant regional manager, but not for Secretary of Defense. (I can’t believe he chose a flame thrower over Jack…)

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